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How to Rent Inflatable Water Slides

How to Rent Inflatable Water Slides | Outdoor Party Planning Tips

Water slides provide instant fun for any gathering. Renting one has never been easier if you follow some simple steps, including choosing a proper location, factoring the age and number of guests, finding the best slides available, ensuring the rental company is insured and trustworthy and spreading the word about your party.

By starting your outdoor party planning in advance and Including inflatable water slides in your plans, you’re sure to raise your party to new heights.

Here’s a closer look at each step.


You’ll need a large, open outdoor area for your inflatable water slide. Check your backyard or the park where you plan to hold the party. Find a flat, grassy surface area where the slide can safely sit during use. It doesn’t need to be perfectly flat, but as close as possible.

How much room to do you need? That depends on the size of the slide. Those sizes are conveniently listed with information for each inflatable water slide available.

You’ll also want a generator that can power the fan blower that keeps the water slide inflated. You’ll want to run no more than 100 feet of cord in most cases to keep the current to the slide steady.

Age and Number of Guests

The younger the guests, the smaller the slide. That’s typically the rule. Luckily, there are plenty of exciting slides offered for young kids. However, in most cases, there is a mix of young and older kids at parties, as well as adults who want to give the slide a try. Given that, you’ll want to see if you have space for two slides so you can please both groups. You may also want to double up if you have many guests – two slides are better than one in preventing people from having to wait a long time in line.

Find the Best Inflatable Water Slides

This is the fun part. There are so many choices that one is all-but-guaranteed to be exactly what you had in mind. One of the most popular inflatable water slides is the Rampage Water Slide. It features a half-moon surface that allows you to slide down one side, then up the other side propelled by water from a hose at your back.

Another standout inflatable water slide is the Tropical Slip and Splash Water Slide Combo, which allows party guests to race down two parallel slides. It provides 66 feet of competitive, water sliding fun.

Water Slide Rental Companies

Because inflatable entertainment has become increasingly popular in recent years, some businesses have popped up that don’t meet the standards of the industry. Ensure that you rent from a company that is fully insured. You want a company that also provides safety and security information for every rental. It’s also a smart move to check around on social media and with people you know in the community and find out what type of reputation the company enjoys.

Spread the Word

Once you have rented your water slide(s), spread the word about your party through every marketing channel at your disposal. Social media platforms offer a wonderful way to reach thousands of people in an instant. If you’re an organization holding an event such as a fundraiser, create a Facebook page that allows you to post photos and video from the event.

Keeping these simple steps in mind make renting an inflatable water slide easier than ever. They simply add more fun to your party, and that’s exactly what you want to entertain your guests.

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  • Taylor Abrams says:

    It helped me when you said to make sure the rental firm is adequately insured before signing a contract. My aunt is going to have a birthday party celebration for her 7-year-old daughter and she wants to rent a Water Slide. I appreciate you helping me learn about your article, I’ll be sure to remind her to look for a rental company that has insurance to guarantee their security and safety.

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