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Tampa Convention Center Exhibitor Guide

Tampa Convention Center Exhibitor Guide | Tampa Expo Exhibitor Tips

The Tampa Convention Center is one of the most popular convention and expo sites in the country, with a beautiful waterfront location in downtown Tampa. The convention center has created a detailed list of information for exhibitors at conventions.

Located where the Garrison Channel meets the Hillsborough River, the Tampa Convention Center features more than 200,000 square feet of exhibitor space, a 36,000-square foot ballroom and 36 breakout rooms. The Sail Plaza outside the convention center is one of the most scenic and fun spots in all of downtown Tampa.

The Tampa Convention Center hosts more than 300 events per year. Annual events include the Tampa Comic Con, the MetroCon anime convention, and the Florida Bar Exam. The convention center also is a co-host for the 2022 U.S. Gymnastics Championships and National Congress and Trade Show.

Tampa Expo Exhibitor Information

The Tampa Convention Center has the ability to hold a variety of exhibits, including product demonstrations, convention center games, and other large features. The easiest and fastest way to contact the convention staff dedicated to supporting exhibitors is through the convention website. They also provide exhibitor kits/manuals for each individual event.

Top Games for Expos & Trade Shows

Facts About the Facility

The address is 333 S. Franklin St. The center provides loading docks on Franklin Street and Channelside Drive. Other facts about the convention center space:

  • Exhibit Hall space for 17,000 guests
  • 1,000 (10×10) booths
  • 36 Meeting Rooms with combos up to 7,200 square feet
  • 18 new waterfront meeting rooms
  • 16,000 square feet of veranda space along the downtown Riverwalk
  • 3,600-square-foot veranda on second level overlooking the water
  • 19 loading bays at Exhibit Hall Level & two bays at Ballroom/Meeting Hall Level
  • 10 x 20 FT 10,000 pound Freight Elevator, with 2nd 8,000 pound elevator coming soon

Utility Services

EDLEN provides electric, water (fill and drain) and compressed air services for the exhibitors at the convention center. They also offer charging tables and Airstars for events.

The minimum power order is 5 amps/500 watts. The center distributes power through floor ports throughout the building. The center installs a 100 amp distribution box for requirements of more than 50 amps, single-phase service. Exhibits can conceal the box in a cabinet, closet or under a booth table. The center also offers ceiling drops for booth power.

Exhibitors must submit a floor plan 21 days before move-in day to avoid any delays. The plan should include placement of electric, internet, telephone, and other needs. Exhibitors should also make a request beforehand if they need additional lighting (the halls are equipped with high intensity, energy efficient LED lighting). The convention center does not allow generators inside. Those used outside require pre-approval.

The exhibit halls have strict load limits that vary depending on the location within the hall. The convention center site states:

“If a dead load is greater than 20K lbs. or a dynamic load is greater than 10K lbs. to be displayed, the equipment manufacturer shall be supplied with a copy of the TCC Exhibit Hall floor loading diagram. The manufacturer’s engineer will determine if the load is within acceptable parameters and supply the Licensee with written documentation on company letterhead with Engineering signature and license number stating compliance of the specific equipment. A copy of this document must be supplied to the Convention Services Manager upon submission of the floor plans.”

Help With Corporate Event Planning

Additional Services

The Tampa Convention Center offers equipment, furnishing and other services for exhibitors.

SmartCity provides event technology for conventions and expos. The company is the country’s largest provider of event telecommunications and technology for the convention industry. Aramark provides catering services.

Encore Event Technologies provides audio/visual, signage rigging and production rigging for the convention center. A UPS Store at the convention center provides high speed digital copy services, large-format printing, shipping, receiving, fax and printing services.

The Tampa Convention Center provides a prime location for events, including conventions and expos. Exhibitors working with the center will find a supportive staff willing to offer whatever is needed to set up successful trade booths

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