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Tips for a Halloween Party in Florida

Tips for a Florida Halloween Party

It’s warm and sunny, perfect shorts weather. No, we’re not talking about summertime in most places. We’re talking about the holiday season in Florida.

These days, the holiday season begins on Halloween, which now is the third most popular holiday behind Thanksgiving and Christmas, according to a Harris Poll conducted earlier this decade.

Like it or hate it, people enjoy a holiday where they dress up. And it’s not just the kids: many Halloween parties now cater to both kids and adults.

So what to do in sunny Florida on a holiday associated with all things dark and spooky? Here are a few ideas.

The Advantages of Halloween in Florida

Ask any Floridian and they will tell you – October is actually one of the best months of the year in terms of weather. So it’s a good time to hold a party outside.

If you need any further proof, look to the Halloween-themed parties at area amusement parks. Busch Gardens in Tampa has Howl-O-Scream. Universal Studios hosts Halloween Horror Nights. And Disney throws a Not-So-Scary Halloween Party for kids at the Magic Kingdom.

For your own Halloween party, there are plenty of Florida-themed ideas.

Monster Mash Beach Party. If you ever thought about what a zombie might look like in a bikini or Speed-O, here’s the place to put that thought into action. Truck in some sand and put up some tiki torches, cue up the Jimmy Buffett mixed with some monster-themed tunes, and you’re halfway home. Or just take the party to the beach.

Football Maniac Party. People think of Texas as the most football-crazed state, but they are wrong. That state would be Florida. Make it a costume party built around college and professional teams in Florida, of which there are many.

Disney-themed Halloween Party. If you’ve got kids around, it can be fun for everyone to come as their favorite Disney character. Just don’t scare the kids with crazy versions of beloved characters (no vampire Sleeping Beauty, for instance).

Florida Characters Party. Imagine the possibilities – Gov. Rick Scott, Tim Tebow. a manatee, an alligator, a large billboard advertising surf gear, etc. Really it’s almost limitless, given the nature of the Sunshine State.

Decorating for a Halloween Party

There are always certain things that will make a party very Florida – the aforementioned sand, Jimmy Buffet and tiki torches are a great place to start. But the options go far, far beyond just those items.

Consider the follow food and decorating items for a Florida-themed party. The trick is to make them more Halloween-like through your own creative touches. Zombie flamingos, anyone?

  • Beach balls
  • Beach ball cake pops (yes, that actually exists)
  • Sand castle-shaped Rice Crispy cakes
  • Foam palm trees
  • Plastic Flamingos
  • Plastic or plush manatees
  • Sand pails and scoops

Another resource are inflatable rental companies, from which you rent items such as a tropical bar and drink machine or a bounce house. The former will keep the adults happy, the second will keep the kids happy. Now, that’s the perfect Halloween party.

So you get the idea. Take something that is iconic about Florida and alter it for Halloween. Your friends and family will appreciate the effort.

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