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Western Theme Party Ideas

Western Theme Party Ideas

More than 150 years after its heyday, the Old West and frontier life are still beloved by many Americans – something about the freedom of the open range and frontier adventure remains attractive to many.

That endearing fascination – along with the costumes and decorations – make western-themed parties a good choice for everything from neighborhood block parties to school carnivals and church socials.

Even in a state like Florida – half a country away from the Old West – the theme remains popular for parties big and small. It’s that rare party theme that is a hit with both kids and adults. Luckily for Sunshine State residents, there are plenty of party rental companies offering what you need to make your western theme party a hit.

Some Ideas for a Western Theme Party

Beyond that, you want to find ways to make your party entertaining and memorable. That’s where a party rental company can elevate your event beyond the usual.

These are some of the rentals you can choose from to make your western-themed party one no one will forget. These are culled from choices offered by Air Fun Games of New Port Richey.

Kiddie Trackless Train for the Young Ones

Directed at the kids – but sure to please some adults as well – the trackless train comes with a small engine painted in festive yellow and red. The train can handle all kinds of terrain: grass, pavement, dirt roads and cement. Use the train to give kids a trip around the party or just give everyone a ride for the fun of it. Between 12 and 18 adults and kids can fit into the train.

Trackless Train Express for Western Theme Fun

This is the upscale version of the trackless train mentioned above, with a beautifully designed engine and a train painted in red, black and gold. Just like the other trackless train, this train can handle traveling over a variety of surfaces, making it a good choice for transporting guests around your party.

Cowboy Games: Mechanical Bull Ride

Ride ‘em just like a real cowboy – but without the risk of getting trampled! This latest addition to party rentals allows want-to-be cowboys – and cowgirls – the chance to test their bronco-busting skills. The mechanical bull ride allows you to have a taste of the real Old West at your party. Thankfully, there are variety of settings, so those new to the ride can set the bull at a lower pace. Also thankfully, there’s a soft, padded surface to land on if you get thrown off.

Western Theme Carnival Game Ideas: Tin Can Alley

Go old school with this classic favorite that’s been a part of carnivals since Buffalo Bill rode the western plains. As always, this entertainment tests your precision with aiming – a test that never gets old, which is why this attraction remains popular. The game is simple: a pyramid of tin cans are stacked and you have two bean bags and two throws to see if you can knock them all down – from a distance.

Rock Walls: A Blast of Western Fun

Climbing up canyon wall to take the high ground during a gun fight was as much a part of the Old West as baked beans (well, at least in the movies). The extreme Rock Wall rental features two easier paths for the beginners or kids at your party, as well as a medium and hard route for those who want more of a challenge. Finally, there is an extreme level for those who want the hardest climbing challenge the Rock Wall rental has to offer.

Because of the enduring popularity of the American West, a western theme party is a great choice for your get together. Using some of the rentals mentioned above is sure to help make your party entertaining and memorable.

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