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Sand Storm Amusement Ride Rental

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The Sand Storm Amusement Ride, also seen as SandStorm is a large mechanical ride that can accommodate up to 12 people. You and your friends will take seat and get spun around while the ride tilts and rocks back and forth on a slope. You can have all the enjoyment of an amusement park for your event or backyard party. This Amusement Ride rental is a great attraction for any party or event, from carnivals, festivals, to school events.

When it rains a bit outside, get ready to experience the effect of the weather on the ride! You will feel like in the middle of a big sand storm. This amusement ride is extremely easy to use with a total setup time of 25 minutes or less. This ride has a variable speed setting that allows for adults and children of all ages. This amusement ride is easily be transported with a pick-up truck. Reserve your Sand Storm Amusement Ride rental from AirFun Games today!

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