Spider Mountain Challenge

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Are you ready for the Spider Mountain Challenge? This rental is deceiving, it isn’t as easy as it looks. Kids of all ages and even adults will enjoy climbing through Spider Mountain, inching their way to fun.

With webbing comprised of rubber strands enclosed in a soft polyester fabric, it is bouncy and safe as you climb to the top. The entrance is the second from the bottom ring and doubles as a trampoline mat. All exposed hard surfaces are enclosed in 4 inch padding and the entire attraction is netted for extra safety.

The concept of the attraction involves challengers using their best efforts to climb up through the web, vertically through all levels. Then the challengers either climb back down, or slide down the inflatable or fiberglass slide (both options are available).

The challengers develop psychomotor skills while burning off that “kid-energy.” When they reach the top, they can actually stand up and play freely. Although it is mostly for kids, adults love it also.

No harnesses are required! This unit requires an area of 25×25 to setup.  Get ready for the fun with Spider Mountain. Call today to learn more!

Length: 20′ | Width 11′ | Height 24′

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