Sports 5 in 1 Inflatable – World Sport Games Rental

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Why give the guests at your party just one game to play when you can give them World Sport Games all in one awesome, inflatable attraction? The Sports 5 in 1 Game rental offers your guests the ability to test their skills in a variety of sports, including football, soccer, basketball, baseball and Frisbee/darts.

Designed with kids in mind, Sports 5 in 1 supports teamwork and competition as kids can try their hand at hitting a ball, shooting a basket, kicking a soccer ball, throwing a dart (a soft one, part of a Velcro dart game) or tossing a football. It’s a great chance for kids to try their hand at some of their favorite sports and participate in a little friendly competition with their friends and family.

Sports 5 in 1 is a perfect addition to a big birthday party for a child. It also is popular at company parties, festivals and fundraisers where you know that people will bring their children. This World Sport Games five-station attraction will keep the kids occupied in a safe, fun environment. Don’t miss this chance to elevate the excitement and fun at your next big event!

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