Sports Bungee

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The goal of the Sports Bungee inflatable rental is simple: score some baskets by putting the ball through the hoop (or you can try to kick or throw a football through goalposts). The challenge is that you are tethered to your opponent through a bungee cord, and they are trying to score, too, but moving in the opposite direction. It’s hard to do and, frankly, hilarious to watch.

Sports Bungee is one of those rare rentals that is as much fun for the players as the people watching them play. The two players must pull and try to jump forward, bounce house-style, to get closer to their goal. Or they can try a different strategy and use an accurate shot to score from a distance while the other person strains and pulls. Either way, it’s fun to play and watch.

Like the old Tug of War game, Sports Bungee is perfect for an office party or corporate event, giving those with a competitive streak a chance to play against each other. It’s also great for fundraisers and festivals. Put a hilarious, competitive and memorable Sports Bungee inflatable as an attraction at your next event.

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