Kiddie Trackless Train Rental

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2 Versions Available

  • Gas-powered
  • Electric

If you host a big event with kids, it means you must move people around. Why not do it in a unique way that will be showstopper at a public gathering or kid-friendly event? The Kiddie Trackless Train, which comes in both gas-powered and electric version, features an “engine” car and three carriage cars. It’s a way to move both kids and adults around efficiently, but with style.

The train can carry 12-18 adults and kids comfortably. It’s also able to traverse cemented roads, grassy terrain, and pavement. With no tracks, there are no restrictions! The cars draw attention with bright yellow, red, and blue paint. For safety, seats are provided, and the train comes with a train bell, whistle, and a light to show the way.

You can use the Kiddie Trackless Train to take people from parking into an event, or as a ride around the event itself. However, you put the Kiddie Trackless Train to use, both kids and adults are going to love it. It’s the perfect addition to all types of events, including church gatherings, school fundraisers, community carnivals and birthday parties.

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