Velcro Wall Rentals Overview

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Try the Velcro Wall and you’ll be stuck! Put on the special suit and use the bouncy launch pad to leap into the wall. You stick the way you land forwards, backwards, upside down how ever you hit the wall. Great for all ages! Have it lodged in your backyard or at a private party and keep the kids engaged for hours. Our Velcro Wall Rentals are also perfect for corporate parties, your employees will have a blast.

With dimensions of 28 feet by 12 feet by 14 feet, it can be easily accommodated within restricted spaces. Great to pair with our other thrill rides and obstacle courses to make a truly exciting party come to life. Call now to learn about Velcro wall rentals and other fun carnival games.

Length: 28′ | Width 12′ | Height 14′

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