Xtreme Adrenaline Rush

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Xtreme Adrenaline Rush is an action-packed obstacle course bundled into a space conscious layout. With a 30’ long, 21’ wide and 11’ tall area, this crazy fun adventure is sure to fit most event locations. Guests will be challenged with jumping over cubes, squeezing through rollers, jumping between tires, avoiding giant balls, jumping sideways and finally crawling to victory. Throw a memorable beach party where guests can test their skills and challenge friends. This super unique adventure will take any birthday party, holiday event, corporate team build or community event to the next level of awesome.

With the Xtreme Adrenaline Rush, event goers will feel the thrill of competing against others and trying to achieve the fastest time. Selfies and action shots will pop with the bright green and black coloring. This obstacle course rental from AirFun Games is sure to be fun for all ages. Whether you’re renting for a church event, corporate party, neighborhood event or similar, the Xtreme Adrenaline Rush will be what guests are looking for. Make kids fitness events fun with the multiple levels of activity and exercise it has to offer. Combine Xtreme Adrenaline Rush with other obstacle courses AirFun Games offers and create an insane inflatable 5K. The possibilities are endless. Trust AirFun Games to customize your fun and reserve your excitement now!

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