XTreme Park Combo

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Inflatable parks have become very popular in recent years. They offer a large variety of attractions in one inflatable rental. The XTreme Combo takes those attractions and puts them into a compact inflatable attraction that offers slides, obstacles and fun, while making it easier to set up at any type of party.

When you rent the XTreme Park Combo for your party, you get an 11-foot high, 21-foot wide and 30-foot deep inflatable attraction that can fit into a relatively small space. The attractions inside the XTreme Park Combo include a jumping area where kids can bounce off both the floor and walls, an inflatable basketball lane, obstacles and a climbing area. It’s the perfect mix of fun that will keep kids playing happily for hours!

The XTreme Park Combo is the perfect addition to a community festival, school fundraiser or company party where you know that kids will attend. Easy to set up and take down, this inflatable rental gives you the chance to offer your younger guests plenty of fun things to do, all in one compact and safe space.

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