Atomic Obstacle Course Rentals

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The inflatable Atomic Obstacle Course offers some serious fun along its 40-foot length. It’s also very cool just to look at, with its nuclear yellow and black design and towering platform in the middle. It’s the sort of attraction that will be like a magnet to your party guests who want to test themselves or have an obstacle course race against a friend.

It’s also just a lot of fun. Getting through the Atomic Obstacle Course requires jumping, climbing and crawling. Players have to get around vertical and horizontal inflatable obstacles, including a climbing wall. They finish the course the same way they started, crawling through a short tunnel to reach a small landing at the end of the journey. It’s fun and challenging and also allows friends and colleagues to compete!

The Atomic Obstacle Course provides a centerpiece attraction for big community festivals, school and church fundraisers and corporate parties. Kids, teens and adults will enjoy the challenge of making it through this giant (and safe) obstacle course. Give your guests something to talk about long after the party is over!

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