Corn Maze Obstacle Course Rentals

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A Corn Maze has always been a popular attraction at fall festivals and events. Now you bring the fun of a corn maze to your next big event with a Corn Maze inflatable attraction that both kids and adults will love!

When your party guests enter the inflatable Corn Maze, they will see a series of interconnected inflatable passages that twist and turn, just like in a traditional corn maze. They’ll also enjoy all the fall-themed graphics in the corn maze, including fields of corn and two giant corn cobs at the entrance to the maze. It’s great for individuals and for competition as people try to become the first person to find their way through the maze and to the exit.

The Corn Maze inflatable brings the fun of a fall festival to any type of party at any time of year! Challenge your guests with an inflatable maze that has dead ends, false paths and requires them to figure out what direction to go to find the exit. It’s the perfect addition to community festivals, corporate parties and large school or church fundraisers.

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