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6 Company Party Game Rentals in Tampa Bay People Will Love

6 Company Party Game Rentals in Tampa Bay People Will Love

Business in Tampa Bay is growing rapidly as more people discover the benefits of living in a beautiful, affordable and pro-business area. Business leaders can show their appreciation for everyone on their team by holding an event that features fun company party game rentals that people will love.

A smart first step is to work with professional party planners who can help you put together an event that is appropriate for your event space and guestlist. They have a thorough knowledge of what works and what doesn’t at specific events, as well as a host of ideas you may not have considered.

The following provides an overview of a few of those ideas with a focus on company party game rentals.

Company Party Games in Tampa Bay

Each company party has its own unique space, guest list and theme. The following provides an overview of what works best in most circumstances. Remember that the idea behind company party game rentals is to give everyone something to do unlike anything they’ve done before at a business function.

Carnival Games

Carnival games have become red hot at all kinds of venues and events, including as a company party game rental. Part of the attraction is the nostalgia factor. Carnival games also are easy to set up and don’t require a great deal of space. And carnival games provide many cool options.

Carnival Game Rental Ideas

Giant Games

A longstanding, popular option within carnival games are giant carnival games. Most people are familiar with giant chess or checker boards. But the list of options has expanded over the years to include giant versions of horseshoes and Jenga.

Check Out GIANT Jenga!

Challenging Games

Mechanical bulls. Rock wall climbs. Jousting arenas. Wipeout and Zorb tracks. Did you know you can now rent all these games for company parties? These work well because they not only give everyone a challenging, fun thing to do, they also give everyone else a chance to watch. There are also great ways to have races or team challenges on giant obstacle courses.

What is an Inflatable Jousting Rental?

Team Games

Company parties give everyone a chance to get to know each other better and opportunities for building team spirit. One way to do this is through entertainment rentals that offer people the chance to race one another individually or in teams on giant obstacle courses, Zorb tracks and in bumper cars.

Sports Games

Sports-themed party rental games gives your employees a chance to test their skills at well-known sports. They include kicking a field goal, throwing a pitch and shooting a basket. There’s even a giant Velcro darts board!

Kids’ Games

If you invite employees to bring their kids, you are doing everyone a favor (especially the parents) if you give the kids something to do. This can include everything from bounce houses, inflatable slides and carnival games designed for children. This is an important area that many company parties may forget to address.

Company party game rentals in Tampa Bay help make your next office party something everyone will look forward to beforehand and talk about afterward. It’s also one of the best ways to show employees that you appreciate all they do.

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