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7 Fall Festival Planning Tips

By September 18, 2019October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
7 Fall Festival Planning Tips | Fall Party Foods, Invitation Ideas, Fall Decor

A fall festival is one of the most fun to plan because you are not tied to any one specific theme. You can let your imagination run wild. It also allows you to use colors – brown, yellow, orange and red – that you don’t normally use.

If you’re planning a fall festival the following should get the creative juices flowing. Consider some of these ideas as you prepare to host your fall festival.

Fall Festival Invitations

There are many invitation ideas to put into action when inviting everyone to your party. You can design your own or pick out pre-made invitations. Use some combination of brown, yellow, orange and red. But the main purpose of the invitation design is to extend the theme of the party, so decide what you plan to use for your decor before designing the invitations.

Fall-Themed Décor

Fall Party PlanningWhether it’s brightly colored leaves, carved pumpkins or hale bales, there are plenty of choices when it comes to fall party decor ideas.

You’ll want to make use of a cornucopia which is still great for table centerpieces. They also can hold all the knives, forks, spoons and napkins for the event. Another classic is stacking hay bales, which is associated with fall hayrides still popular in some places. Wreaths made of fall leaves for the door or the walls is another popular choice.

Carved pumpkins always bring a feeling of fall, of course. You can even turn it into a participation event for guests who can choose to carve their own pumpkin at the party. You can then display everyone’s pumpkins.

Fall Food Favorites

Anything pumpkin-related will work. Pumpkin pie or pumpkin-flavored cake, of course. But you also can think outside the box – pumpkin pizza (yes, it exists) or serving a dip inside a carved pumpkin.

Another fun idea is a caramel apple party in which guests can pick their favorite toppings for a caramel apple. Soups are also big for the fall. Think about homemade chicken noodle, which is always a favorite.

Other fall foods:

  • Chilis
  • Hot chocolate
  • Apples
  • Tea
  • Chocolate acorns
  • Fall harvest cheese board that includes bread, sliced meats and apple slices

Fall Festival Games and Ride

You’re going to want to give your guests something to do so consider renting exciting games or thrill rides that can make your party even more memorable. The good news is that you have many great choices. Giant obstacle courses and slides to carnival games you would find at the fall fair midway.

Selfie Stations

Fall SelfieSelfie stations are the thing to do at any type of party, and the fall festival is no exception. Consider creating fall cardboard cutouts that can serve as a photo backdrop. You’ll also want people to post your party picture, so use fall hashtags such us #FallLeaves, #FallFestival, and #Autumn.

Fall-Themed Goodie Bags and Thank You Notes

Everyone looks forward to the goodie bag! Consider handing out apple baskets filled with fall goodies such as fall-themed socks, candles, and stickers. For the kids, you can create green goodie bags that look like cobs and put popcorn inside (“popcorn on the cob”). You can also include some nostalgic Halloween candy such as candy corn.

These are some ideas to keep in mind as you plan your fall festival. Fall is one of the best times of the year, filled with holidays and parties. Your fall festival can kick off the season right.

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