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Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas | Creative Guest Invites & Thank Yous

Weddings are something everyone has attended. Not only have they seen every possible thing you can do at a wedding, but they’ve also seen every type of invitation. So how can you combat that “been there, done that” feeling with your wedding invitations?

The first thing is to use your imagination! Wedding invitations can get done in many different themes. You can find that one that says something about the two of you as a couple. It can be something fun or more serious. Just choose what best reflects your personalities.


Wedding Invitations Ideas to Consider

The following are some interesting wedding invitation ideas to consider. Whether you’re having a spring wedding or winter wonderland wedding, remember that this is your day! Choose a theme that resonates with both of you.

Puzzle Invitation. For a fun and creative way to kick off your wedding, print your invitation onto pieces to be arranged into a puzzle.

Cloth Invitation. Printing the invitation onto a piece of cloth instead of paper will invoke a rustic, homemade feeling.

Embroidered Invitation. Embroidering simple shapes into the cardstock using thread will give your invitation a fun, unique element.

Ribbon Invitation. Want a festive invitation that invokes a feeling of fun? Try adding multicolored ribbons to the top, bottom, or side of the invitation.

Shaped Invitation. To make an invitation that stands out, instead of going with the typical square or rectangle, try making your invitations round, hexagonal or triangular.

Wedding Infographic IdeasInfographic Invitation. By basing the design of your invitation off that of an infographic, it’ll have a cheerful feel to it and be incredibly simple to read.

Newspaper Invitation. These invitations look like small newspapers, with all the information about the upcoming wedding in its “articles.” It’s cute, fun, and unique!

Scratch-Off Invitation. Scratch off part of the invitation to see some of the information, such as the date or location. This is a unique invitation with a fun twist!

Remember that whatever you choose, the invitation sets the tone for the event. That might add some pressure. But you can look at design ideas for how to make the above invitations and many more.

Say Thank You

Another important element of a wedding happens after it’s over. Sending out a “thank you” to those who attended your wedding and brought gifts is something every new couple should sit down and do together.

But what to say? Consider these ideas. At the very least, they can get your creative thoughts flowing.

  • “Today would not have been the same without you there. Thank you for coming and celebrating with us!”
  • “Friends and family are what make life great! I am so happy you celebrated with us. Thank you for coming.”
  • “I loved seeing you at the party. Thank you for coming. We had a lovely time and we hope you did, too!”
  • “Thank you for making our beautiful day that much more beautiful.”

Taking the time to put together unique wedding invitation ideas and saying “thank you” can make all the difference on your big day. Consider some of these ideas. And congratulations!

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