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Instagram Worthy Party Ideas for #InstaPartyBloggers

Instagram Worthy Party Ideas for #InstaPartyBloggers | Instagram Party

If you’re looking to create a party with #InstaPartyBlogger worthy pictures, then you’ll want to make sure you plan ahead with these Instagram worthy party Ideas.

It’s not as hard as it seems. In many ways, it’s easier to put together an attractive, fun party when you look at it through the eyes of people who may only see the photos on Instagram. Getting there just takes a little effort, It starts with knowing some of the latest party trends.

#Trending Party Themes

Here are some of the most popular themes trending now across the country. Throwing a party with these themes can immediately make your party an Instagram worthy party.

Unicorn. A unicorn-themed party uses the color of the rainbow for its palette and is being used for kid parties, adult birthdays and even parties for the dog (because you know they are members of the family!).

Paw Patrol. The Canadian-based animated show is all the rage right now – and so are parties based off the show’s characters. You can get Paw Patrol balloons, plates, napkins, everything you need to give your child his or her favorite show as their party theme.

Superheroes. This isn’t going away anytime soon. Marvel movies alone offer dozens of characters that can serve as inspiration for the party theme. But don’t forget about the always-popular Batman, too.

Spring Break. Basically, a beach party for young adults, this is where you want to break out the water slides and Caribbean-style decorations.

 Red Carpet. Who doesn’t want to be a celebrity? A red-carpet party gives everyone a chance to have their big moment as they walk into the festive occasion. Bring the star power and dress the part!

 Hawaiian Luau. Laidback vibes, tiki torches, tropical drinks. This is the South Pacific version of the Spring Break party.

Popular Venue Decorations

Looking to create the perfect snack table for guests or a great photo backdrop for party pics? Then shop for the decorations that best suit your party plans. Here are some examples of what’s popular in 2019.

  • Upscale but inexpensive partyware, such as French square plastic bottles.
  • Pre-made favor kits with stickers, toys and treats for party favor baskets
  • Lavish table decorations that include colorful banners, party lights and concession pieces
  • Sprinkles on cake, cookies or whatever sweet treat you are serving
  • Tissue garlands
  • Personalized signs, mugs and candy jars

 Unique Food Ideas

Tasty food is a key ingredient for any party – especially if you want an Instagram worthy party. You don’t want to just buy a few bags of chips and bottles of soda. Take the time to check out some of the latest trends for food. They include:

  • Stuffed spinach dip artichoke
  • Gyros sandwich
  • Baked wonton cups
  • Sun-dried bacon guacamole
  • Mango salsa
  • Cowboy caviar
  • Pizza ravioli bites

None of it is that difficult to make. But it’s this attention to detail that elevates a party. Not to mention gives the party guests much better food to eat!

Instagram Worthy Photos

You want to give people a place to take photos that encourages them to post on Instagram. And to do that, you need to set up a designated photo area with great props, lighting, and color. Obviously, you’ll want the props to match the party theme. But also consider providing some type of branding in the background so that people will know where the photos were taken.

This is how the party is going to look to the rest of the world. You want to take the time to make your photo station something special. Also, consider doing your own unique posts that offer a look behind the scenes at the party or showcase your own style.

 Say #ThankYou

Saying thank you is another opportunity for you to make people feel great about your party, even after it’s over. Send out thank-yous over Instagram, Facebook & other social media platforms. Choose your own way to say thanks, but make sure to mention the person by name and thank them for what they added to your party.

These are some of the ways to create an Instagram worthy party. All it takes is some planning, a little style, a taste for fun and dedication to making the party the best it can be for your guests.

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