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How To Host A Beach Party

By May 29, 2018October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
How To Host A Beach Party

Host A Beach Party

Getting a beach party together does not have to be a Herculean task. Just break it down into smaller tasks and knock them out one at the time.

The following are some issues to consider.

Location and Permits

Take the time to find the right beach for you. Some beaches have tons of people and are great for putting together giant parties. Others are more secluded and might be perfect for your family and friends. If people are coming from far away, you also want a beach that is near places to stay.

This ranks as one of the most important decisions, so make sure you take the time to get it right.

Some beaches require permits to do more than simply spread out a few towels with family and friends and enjoy the beach. When picking the right beach, make sure to call ahead to local authorities and find out what kind of permits you need.

Guest Lists

Party size is everything. A handful of people will require a lot less of everything. Tons of people will mean lots of food, drink and extra entertainment (see below). Take some time to consider just what kind of party you want to throw and design the guest list accordingly.


Food at the beach can prove tricky. You want to keep it simple to eat and easy to clean up when the eating is done. Considering going one of the three following ways.

  • Potluck. Tell everyone in advance to bring their favorite beach food.
  • Bring your own. Cook well in advanced and have some easy-to-eat snacks ready for the beach.
  • Order out. You can food delivered anywhere these days – including the beach (OK, you might have to meet them at the nearby parking area, but still)

Be sure to check with guests about any kind of allergies or good they wish to avoid (i.e., don’t bring roast beef sandwiches to feed a bunch of vegans).


Many people associate going to the beach with having a cocktail. Many others do not. Make sure to please all your guests by having a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Make sure that those who are driving drink responsibly or not at all.


We’re a party company here at Air Fun Games, so of course this entire site is filled with great options to host a beach party. Some people prefer water slides or competitive games, such as obstacle courses. Others, such as those with little ones at the party, might prefer a bounce house.

The best advice is to look around the site and contact us if you see something you think will work for your party.

Backup Plan

The weather can sometimes play cruel tricks on us all. If it ends up raining on your beach day, make sure you have a backup plan for a different location. Or a backup date if you want to try the beach again. All that information should be included on party invitations.

These are some of the considerations before deciding to host a beach party. The main issue? Have fun! That’s what people will remember more than whether everything was done perfectly.

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  • Sharon Wilson-Smith says:

    I like that you suggested the number of guests that will attend your beach party to make sure that you can prepare more food and drinks. My husband and I want to have a beach party to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We want to make sure that all our guests are going to be accommodated properly. Since we’d like to rent the right number of chairs and tables, we will list the name of our guests.

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