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Ideas to Make Your June Wedding Kid Friendly

By June 18, 2018October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
Ideas to Make Your June Wedding Kid Friendly

If you’re having a June wedding, you certainly have plenty of details on your mind.

But between picking out dresses and flowers and making those last-minute decisions on music and desserts, take a minute to consider ways you might entertain your smallest guests!

June Wedding With Kids

A kid-friendly wedding is helpful both to the kids (who will have fun) and the parents (who won’t have to listen to them complain). That’s a win-win for everyone.

If you need some ideas to make your June wedding kid-friendly, consider the following.

Sweet Treats

One of the best ways to get a kid to behave through a wedding ceremony is to promise them a treat at the reception. And no “treat promise” leads to better behavior than a sweet treat. One option to consider is cotton candy – it’s something you only get at special events, and a wedding is certainly a special event.

Personalized Bags

Speaking of sweet treats, you also want to give the kids their treats in an entertaining package. Cool goodie bags can provide them with just about as much entertainment as the goodies themselves. You can also put a few toys and prizes instead just to make it even more special.

Professional Childcare

Shelling out some cash to hire a team of nannies to entertain the children while the adults are enjoying the reception can prove to be one of your best moves. That way both the kids and the adults can play. Wedding childcare providers can show a move, take the kids on a nature walk, play games or have activities.

Arts and Crafts

Another smart move is to set aside a room at the reception that is a “kids’ room.” That room should include coloring books, crafts and games. And, yes, even a television to watch a movie on. Keeping the kids entertained for a few hours with the television is OK on your wedding day.

Bounce Houses

In some cases, there might be a little area off to the side where you can set up a small but entertaining bounce house. Or even a small slide. Anything that can entertain the kids is worth the effort, and there’s maybe never been a kid who didn’t like a bounce house or slide. Don’t be surprised if a few adults don’t try them out, too.

Having kids around for a wedding makes it even more of a special occasion. Still, they also need some special attention and care. Consider some of the suggestions above as you get ready to celebrate your June wedding.

The kids will be thankful you put in the effort. And so will you.

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