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How to Choose the Water Slide Rental That’s Right For You

How to Choose the Water Slide Rental That’s Right For You

Summer is here. That means ice cream, family vacations, lots of sunscreen and, if you’re lucky, a water slide rental.

Waters slides are one of those great inventions that were made only for one reason: they’re fun. People now can turn their backyards into a mini-waterpark without the huge crowds, long lines and overly priced beverages.

Water Slide Rental Tips

For parents or party planners, the question is not whether to get a water slide. Of course, you want a water slide. Rather, the question is what kind of water slide?

Here are some things to keep in mind that will help find the answer.

Age of Guests

Everything revolves around who will use the slides, naturally. Luckily, there plenty of options when deciding on a water slide rental. For the smaller kids, something that involves sliding inside a Gator or dinosaurs might be perfect. Rest assured that professionals with AirFun Games can give direction on what slides work best with the little ones.

Size of Venue

Some slides are surprisingly compact. Others will only work if you have a large yard or plan your party for a park or the beach. But make no mistake about it: for those who want to “go big,” there are many awesome options.

Height of Slides

Speaking big, some slides are bigger than others. The Mega Blue Crush slide, for example, is 42 feet high (and also 100 feet long)! That will satisfy the guests’ need for adventure and speed. Others come in smaller sizes, but with plenty of twists, turns and slip and slides. In short, you can fulfill your guests’ wishes based on how much height and acceleration they really want.

Large Parties

Some parties are so big they need to have multiple slides. If you are having a party with dozens of guests, one slide might create long lines and frustration (the very thing you are trying to avoid). However, by renting two or even three slides, everyone can get their chance to take a turn as often as they want. Multiple slides are also a great idea if you have party guests of various ages (and with varying tolerance for heights!).

These are some of the issues to keep in mind when choosing a water slide rental. The good news is that there are so many choices now, it’s much easier to get the slide you really want and with volume pricing, it has never been more affordable!

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