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How Convention Center Games Can Upgrade Your Trade Show Booth

By July 24, 2018October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
How Convention Center Games Can Upgrade Your Trade Show Booth

Trade shows, designed to show the products and services of a company in their best light, are competitive affairs. While every company tries their hardest to get attention, it can prove tough to stand out. Or, with everyone doing the same kind of thing, trade show convention floors can seem pretty dull. Enter convention center games.

Convention Center Games

Designed for fun and team-building, these convention center games can provide the trade show solution you’ve been searching for. For those looking to improve their presence at a trade show, consider these options.

Best Convention Center Games

You can choose any game you’d like, of course. But here at Air Fun Games we’ve found that these options are time-tested ways to get more people to your booth.

MiniGolf. Let people take a shot at a hole-in-one as part of a giveaway, because golf and “people at trade shows” are two things that usually go well together.

Striker Challenge. Like other games on this list, this is a carnival favorite. That means most people will have fond memories of playing the game at a carnival and will want to give it another try.

Ring the Glass. Another carnival favorite that is much harder than it looks.

Corn Hole. It’s one of the most popular games in the country, and with this rental you can get it with LED lights for indoor and nighttime use.

Rock Wall Climbing

If you really want to stand out and have the space around your booth, consider renting a rock wall and handing out prizes for those who can reach the top. This also has the added benefit of allowing you to give away products with your company name on them, and to attract a large crowd of both climbers and those watching to see if they can make it.

Food Giveaways

Everyone has to eat! Providing fun food has always been a sure way to draw a crowd to your booth. One of the best is a popcorn rental machine, but you could also go for something even more unusual like cotton candy or snow cones.


This is another convention center game, but one that deserves a separate mention. It’s one of the most popular rentals we have at Air Fun Games. Winning requires a great deal of hand-eye coordination and a steady hand – it’s another one that isn’t as easy as it looks. Just check out this video and see how much fun those who visit your booth can have.

Getting a crowd to your booth is the name of the game at trade shows. These convention center games can help you get that done in style.

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