Striker Challenge – Bell Ringer Rental

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6ft, 13ft and 17ft Options Available

An enjoyable gathering is all about creating the right ambiance for its guests. This can be accomplished with the 6ft, 13ft, and 17ft Striker challenge. The Striker Challenge, also known as the Bell Ringer game, is a classic carnival game that brings back fond memories of the past and creates new memories for today.

Having equipment where children can slip and slide along with challenging obstacle courses would be fun in their own right. You can also have simple games and challenges, such as the striker challenge and bell ringer, to add color and variety. The thrill of hearing the bell ring and the crowd cheering for you creates a contagious excitement that spreads throughout. This fun proof of power is preferred by one and all! You can have kids trying them for fun and adults using them to represent their muscular strength! All in all, it has the potential of engaging large crowds hailing from various age groups.

Don’t delay, grab the Bell Ringer today and make your event truly remarkable. You can rent the 6ft, 13ft, and 17ft strikers separately or together for triple the fun!

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