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Back to School Party | Meet Other Parents at Your Kid’s School

When it’s time to head back to school, your kids might be reluctant to give up all the summer fun and head back to the classroom. Get them excited about the upcoming school year with a back to school party!

Hosting a back to school party is a great way for your kids to get to know their new classmates while you meet the other parents at your kid’s school. After the past few years of pandemic living, this is an opportunity to start socializing and creating a community of school families.

If your child is starting in a new class or going to a new school for the first time, they may be nervous about meeting so many new people. A party is a wonderful way to break the ice!

Here are some fun ideas to make your back to school party a total blast.

Bring on the Waterslides

As summer comes to an end, waterslides can be the perfect way to make your guests excited about your back to school party. The kids will happily spend the day slipping and sliding, and some of the parents might give it a try, too!

A waterslide party also makes it easy to plan a menu. Put out some fresh fruit, popsicles and snacks if you want to keep it light, or grill up some burgers and hot dogs if you’d rather make it a meal.

Play Carnival Games

A carnival-themed back to school party is a great way to get the kids interacting with each other through fun carnival games. As they play together, they’ll get the chance to bond while you can chat with the other parents.

You can offer some fun prizes for the games. One idea is to get some cool school supplies so the kids can win things that they’ll need for the upcoming school year!

No carnival is complete without snacks, so consider serving popcorn, cotton candy or other tasty carnival treats to help the kids start off their school year on a sweet note.

Enjoy Mini Golf 

If your goal is to get to know the parents and kids alike, mini golf is a great option. It’s a family-friendly game, so all ages can get in on the fun. It takes patience and concentration, which are helpful skills for the kids to practice before going back to the classroom. And since one person has to go at a time, it’s also a good way to get the students into the habit of taking turns.

As the families enjoy playing mini golf, a picnic potluck is the perfect fit for food. Have everyone bring a dish for the group, then set up a table for people to make their own plates. You can lay out blankets or put some lawn chairs out so people can eat while they’re waiting on their turn to golf.

Your back to school party will be so much fun, it might just become an annual tradition!

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