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How to Host a Peaceful Thanksgiving

By October 5, 2022Party Rental Resources
Host a Peaceful Thanksgiving

If you’re going to have Thanksgiving in Florida this year, it’s easy to make your meal stress-free so you can enjoy a special day with your loved ones. Creating a beautiful meal and making memories with your family doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply follow these tips to host a peaceful Thanksgiving meal.

Simplify Your Meal Plan

Here is something that doesn’t get said often enough during Thanksgiving preparation: a holiday meal doesn’t have to be elaborate to be memorable! As you’re making your plans, keep the recipes within a skill level and time frame that you’re comfortable with.

This doesn’t mean you can’t put extra effort into your menu, but make sure it’s within reason. If you’re not much of a cook, a complicated gourmet recipe is more likely to cause stress than something still delicious but simpler.

Look for ways to make the entire prep time easier, like these 15 Thanksgiving dinner hacks. Small time savers and easy tips will make it a breeze to cook and actually enjoy it!

Give Everyone a Task

Whether you’re hosting guests or just having your Thanksgiving meal with immediate family, give everyone a task. It will make it so much easier to host when every single thing isn’t on your shoulders.

Guests are unlikely to come empty-handed anyway, so ask for your guests to bring something you need rather than leaving it up to chance. It could be an ingredient, a dessert or even something unexpected, like a playlist of music to listen to while cooking.

Your kids can pitch in with the Thanksgiving tasks, too. Older teens can help chop vegetables or peel potatoes. Kids can also help set the table or do simple chores to clean up before guests arrive. Even young kids can pitch in with tasks like creating placemats or handprint turkeys to liven up the tablescape.

Keep Kids Entertained

Speaking of kids, a key to a peaceful Thanksgiving celebration is making sure all the kids stay entertained. Nothing ruins the mood more than cries of “I’m boooooored!”

To make the day even more special for the kids, consider renting a little something to up the fun factor. A bounce house will keep them out of your hair as you’re trying to get things ready. Or bring out an indoor carnival game to keep kids and adults alike entertained with a little friendly competition.

Corn hole is another great idea for Thanksgiving, as it can be a fun way to spend some time together while the turkey’s in the oven or enjoy a little physical activity to burn a little energy in between dinner and dessert.

Incorporate Outdoor Time

Another easy way to make your Thanksgiving lovely and peaceful is by incorporating some outdoor time into your day. Florida’s weather is often gorgeous in November, so you could even serve the meal al fresco if you’d like.

If eating outside isn’t your thing, a simple after dinner walk could be the perfect way to unwind from the busy day and enjoy those precious moments.

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