Snake Pit Tabletop Game

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The Snake Pit Tabletop Game is a hit with kids and adults who love to test their hand-eye coordination and concentration. This game IS challenging, and guests will find themselves drawn back to this game as they learn to master the skills needed to win and beat their friends.

Perfect for any gathering where you’ll want to keep guests entertained, the Snake Pit Tabletop Game is the perfect party rental for school carnivals, community events, birthday parties and more.

Players attempt to roll their ball down the raceway, but don’t let it fall into the snake pit below! Mini bumpers are positioned along the raceway to help players keep the ball in place, but don’t be fooled, this game is harder than it looks! Try to land your ball in one of the target holes before it gets fed to the snakes!

Compact table-top play makes this perfect for indoor events with limited space for large games. Weighs 50 lbs. and comes with three balls.

Whether you need a fun tradeshow game rental or backyard birthday party entertainment, Snake Pit is the perfect tabletop carnival game for the job.

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