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Planning the School Spring Fundraiser Carnival

By March 18, 2017October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
School Fundraiser Tips

Congratulations to school-age kids and their parents – you’ve reached the stretch run for another school year.

It’s time for kids to get ready for final exams and for parents to start locking down those summer plans. It’s also the time when schools put together a spring carnival to help raise funds for school programs.

While not an easy task, fundraisers are essential for a school. Luckily, they are easier to plan thanks to party rental companies such as Air Fun Games of New Port Richey, which offers a variety of options for making your fundraiser a hit.

The following are some tips related to putting together a fundraiser and some ideas for entertainment, all taken from the Air Fun games inventory of party options.


The first step in any fundraiser is to not try to do it all yourself. The image of the haggard and stressed out parent trying to run it all is an image from the past. Bring in other parents with skills in the areas that need to be addressed, including decorations, food and, most importantly, budget.

Budget. Set a firm budget from the beginning and look to trim costs wherever possible. Once the budget is set you can spend appropriately without worrying about whether it is too much.

Food. Check with local restaurants to see if someone is willing to have exclusive rights to providing food for your event. Some items you might be able to make on your own.

Decorations. Unless your school is located on a distance planet, we’re willing to guess that at least two of the parents are good with decorations. Delegate the task to them and let them take care of decorating the party.


A typical way to go with a fundraiser is to make it like a carnival. That’s where a place such as Air Fun Games makes a big difference. They offer a big variety of choices to make your school fundraiser a fund time for both parents and kids.

Some of the offerings include:

  • Carnival tents, tables and chairs
  • A mobile power generator
  • Food machines such as popcorn and cotton candy
  • A dunk tank – a staple for any carnival!
  • Popular games such as corn hole and giant jenga
  • Classic games such as a striker, Plinko and Tin Can Alley


What’s a carnival without a midway? Inflatable rentals give you the chance to create one and make your fundraiser something people will talk about for years to come.

Some of the choices include:

  • A huge variety of bounce houses with themes that run from sports and superheroes to princess castles
  • Slides and water slides that range vary in size and intensity – they also come in variety of designs that include the space shuttle, dinosaurs and alligators
  • Thrill rides that include bumper cars, rock walls, obstacle courses, zip lines and foam parties. There’s even a trackless train to transport everyone around the party

As you can see, there are plenty of options available to put together a school fundraiser carnival. Make sure to consider all the choices and plan accordingly, but don’t forget the most important thing of all: have fun!

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  • Shammy Peterson says:

    Thanks for pointing out that it is important to set a firm budget so you can spend appropriately. My daughter’s elementary school is planning to hire a professional that can organize a science and music assembly. They mentioned that this is part of the school’s foundation day celebration. I will share this with them so they can be guided.

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