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The Weather is Warming Up: Time for a Foam Party

By March 15, 2017October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
Time for a Foam Party

Florida offers many advantage for the people who live here, not the least of which is a chance to get outside and have fun when much of the rest of the country is wearing jackets.

This year provides yet another opportunity. While huge sections of the country prepare for yet another snow storm this spring, Floridians can get out for festivals, spring training baseball and backyard parties.

It’s that last option where places such as Air Fun Games of New Port Richey comes in. They offer a huge variety of inflatable rentals to make your Florida spring party a hit. And one of those unique party options is the Foam Party rental.

If you’re planning a spring party, it’s a great option that will have your guests talking about the party for years to come.

What Is it?

Foam parties have become all the rage in recent years, although they have been around since at least the 1930s.

In the famous short film “A Rhapsody in Black and Blue” from 1932, legendary musician Louis Armstrong plays his trumpet, dances and sings in an area covered with foam and suds. By 1968, a foam party also is featured in the Blake Edwards comedy, “The Party.”

By the 1990s, vacationers in places like Ibiza and Miami Beach were going to foam parties. But it wasn’t until the early 21st century that foam parties took off. Night clubs began having foam parties where people would dance on a floor covered in several feet of foam dispensed from an overhead foam machine.

People also began throwing parties using foam machines that covered the dance floor. Why? One reason really: it’s just a lot of fun.

Throw Your Own Foam Party

Places like Air Fun Games now have foam parties down to a science.

The Foam Party rental features a 20 foot by 20 foot inflatable arena, with walls surrounding it. Everything is soft and safe, because people are certainly going to be slipping around – that’s the whole point!

A separate machine connects directly to a water source and foam is pumped into the arena. It takes as little as three minutes for the machine to fill the arena with up to four feet of foam.

Turn on the music and everyone dives in for a party that no one will soon forget.

The warm Florida weather is perfect for having a foam party, whether it’s a backyard party, neighborhood get together or a school function. Just have guests bring their bathing suits – you provide the rest.

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