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The History Around The Bungee Cord

The History Around The Bungee Cord

We couldn’t believe the Bungee Cord had this many uses and such a long history. See how it got it’s start and how people are using them for entertainment.

Turn Your Company Party Into a Carnival

Turn Your Company Party Into a Carnival

Take your next team building event or company party to the next level and bring the carnival to your guests! From games to rides, Air Fun Games has it all!

The Weather is Warming Up: Time for a Foam Party

Time for a Foam Party

As weather heats up and the outside fun begins, nothing says party like foam. That’s right a foam party, exclusive to you and your friends. Learn more now.

The History of Velcro Walls for Entertainment

Velcro Walls History

Velcro walls history has everything from NASA to carnivals which makes it an interesting topic. Check out the history of Velcro walls for entertainment.

Trampoline History: From Invention to Modern Day

Trampoline History

Bouncing into fun for decades, the trampoline has had a place in Americana for a long while. But do you know your trampoline history, like where it started?

The Amusement Park Experience in Tampa

The Amusement Park Experience in Tampa

Tampa is full of great options for the Amusement Park Experience, from Busch Gardens to Adventure Island. Though, you can create your own thrill ride experience as well.

Make Your Fourth of July Party One to Remember

Plan your Fourth of July Party

Your Fourth of July party doesn’t have to be just basic hot dogs and hamburgers with a side of boring! AirFun Games can show you how turn your party into a truly memorable event. Don’t let a drab get together ruin your day, check out our thrill rides, carnival games, bounce houses and so much more. Add a side of fun with our list of ideas on how to make your Fourth of July Party the best in town!

How to Rent a Rock Wall

Learn how to rent a rock wall

Wondering how to rent a rock wall? It isn’t as difficult as one may think. There are simple aspects, such as are you looking for a portable rock wall or an indoor facility? Our step by step guide will help you determine who will climb, what facilities you may need, timing and how to find someone that rents rock walls. Don’t be left with a boring party, spice it up with a rock wall rental.