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Turn Your Company Party Into a Carnival

Turn Your Company Party Into a Carnival

A Company Party used to be a somewhat dreaded affair. The advent of party rental companies has helped to change that.

Company Party Games

Now, when throwing a large scale party, it’s possible to provide guests with all kinds of different games to play and rides to ride. There are giant water slides, challenging rock walks and even crazy obstacle course competitions.

It’s also possible to give the company party a carnival flavor. The following list provides some good choices to turn a party into a carnival. For more ideas, be sure to check out all the rentals available through Air Fun Games.

Party planners can get special carnival-style booths and tents for rent, the first step in creating a fun little midway. In the case of Air Fun, renters can also get a generator to keep things running throughout the party.

Carnival vs Fair.. What's The Difference?

Dunk Tank

It’s a classic for a reason. A dunk tank at a company party means everyone now has the chance to get the boss all wet. It’s all in good fun, of course. All that’s required is a boss with a good nature and employees with a decent aim! And here’s a thought – give the bosses a chance to dunk a few employees, too.

LED Corn Hole Game

Corn hole has become one of the most popular outdoor games in the country. Almost always available at state fairs and carnivals, the game provides guests with the challenge of throwing a bean bag through a hole on a ramp far away. The version from Air Fun takes it to another level, with LED lights around the edges of the ramp. There are 20 different color variations, giving everyone a chance to play well into the night.

Mega Wire

The ultimate carnival game to test how cool people really are under pressure. Players have to guide a handheld ring along the course of 12 feet of tube without touching it. One slip and a red light and alarm go off. It tests patience and coordination. No wonder it ranks among the most popular of Air Fun’s rentals.


This has also emerged as one of the most popular games in the world for good reason. The Giant Jenga rental allows for multiple players to take on the challenge of removing wooden blocks from a tower without causing the entire tower to tumble.

For the Kids

Even for a company party, many will bring the kids along. Try not to forget the little ones when planning your party. Here are a few ideas, taken from the Air Fun site.

Spin Art Machine

The perfect opportunity for kids to create a party souvenir of their own design. After choosing the color or colors they want on a card, kids drop the card with those colors into a machine. The “spin” part then kicks in, as the machine spins, creating patterns on the card.

Food Machines

Who doesn’t like carnival food? Air Funs offers machines that make snow cones, cotton candy, popcorn and hot dogs. A tropical bar machine can whip up some tasty concoctions of the alcohol or non-alcohol variety.

Sports Challenges

There are plenty of challenges available for a carnival party. They include games themed from basketball, baseball and football. Football remains among the most popular, and the Football Challenge gives players a chance to score on a replica field.

That’s just a taste of what’s available. Going with a carnival theme provides company party planners with plenty of options to offer a fun, safe, memorable experience for employees and their families.


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