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The Amusement Park Experience in Tampa

By February 5, 2024February 6th, 2024Party Rental Resources
The Amusement Park Experience in Tampa | Thrill Rides in Florida

Florida is known for amazing amusement parks, and Tampa is no exception. Visitors get the chance to have a fun-filled day of, well, amusement.

Yet theme parks are not the only place to experience the joy of thrill rides. With amusement park rentals, you can enjoy all of the excitement without the need to travel to the park, pay steep entrance fees and wait in long lines. Party rental companies, like Air Fun Games in New Port Richey, provide the opportunity to create your own fun with a vast variety of amusement ride rentals.

Looking for some ideas? We can help! Here we will look at the two most popular amusement parks in the Tampa Bay area and show you some amusement ride rentals you can use to create a similar experience, all available from the Air Fun Games website.

The Amusement Park Experience: Thrill Rides at Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens is the best-known of all the Tampa area amusement park experiences. While it features a zoo where you can see everything from gorillas to giant snakes, it is best known for thrill rides. Those include roller coasters Falcon’s Fury, Cheetah Hunt, Tigris, Montu and Kumba.

The park also features water-related rides such as the Congo River Rapids and Stanley Falls. There’s a train ride called Serengeti Express, and classic attractions such as the carousel and bumper cars. Busch Gardens even has carnival games!

How to Create the Fun of Busch Gardens at Home

With amusement ride rentals, you can provide plenty of thrills and recreate the amusement park experience in your own backyard or anywhere you choose. If you want to replicate the fun of a day at Busch Gardens, you’ll need exciting rides and fun games. Here are some suggestions:

Pirates Revenge. Aside from amusement parks, the Tampa area is known for pirates, making this the perfect ride! Set sail on a thrilling pirate ship ride for all ages. It can hold up to 12 riders at a time, swinging in excitement together.

Wrecking Ball. Imagine sitting in an open-air dish suspected from a giant pendulum, spinning higher and higher into the sky. That’s exactly what you get with the Wrecking Ball – which can fit up to 12 people at a time.

Carousel. You don’t need to go to a theme park to enjoy the magic of a carousel. Amusement park rentals bring the enchantment right to you!

Rock Wall Rentals. If heights are part of your favorite theme park thrills, a rock wall is the perfect rental for you! Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll have a blast climbing to great heights.

Trackless Train. There might not be jungle animals on display, but if you enjoy the relaxing safari ride at Busch Gardens, a trackless train rental is a fun option. You and 12-18 of your guests can take a ride or even use the train to go from one attraction to the next.

Mobile Zip Line. Looking to fly through the air, theme park-style without waiting in line? A mobile zip line brings the thrill to you! Enjoy the ride of your life with the safety of a 5 point safety harness.

The Amusement Park Experience: Thrill Rides at Adventure Island

Adventure Island is a venerable water park that has long been a favorite for Tampa Bay residents and visitors. Highlights include a giant wave pool, lazy river, and a number of different water slides that offer riders a variety of ways to have fun while getting wet.

How to Create the Fun of Adventure Island at Home

Want to create your own Adventure Island from the comfort of home? It’s super easy with water-themed attractions you can rent and set up in your own backyard. Here are some sweet water attractions to start your slippery fun:

Storm Surge Slide. Add a bolt of excitement to your yard with the 18-foot high inflatable slide your guests will love. Splash down a long slide, around a curve and then come to a soft landing at the bottom.

Gone Fishing Shark Slide. Prepare to impress your family and friends with the Gone Fishing Shark Slide! This inflatable slide is 20 feet tall and features an incredible shark-themed design.

Lava Surge Inflatable Slide. Fun is sure to erupt with the Lava Surge! This 18-foot slide looks like a volcano but can cool you off on a hot summer’s day.

As you can see, having the fun you can find at an amusement park is not that hard if you do the research and check out party rental offerings. You’ll not only enjoy the rides but the money you are saving.

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