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The Amusement Park Experience in Tampa

By April 11, 2016October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
The Amusement Park Experience in Tampa

Like many major cities in Florida, Tampa has its share of amusement parks that provide guests the chance to have a fun-filled day of, well, the amusement park experience.

Thankfully, these days you don’t have to always travel to the park, pay steep entrance fees and wait in long lines if you want to experience the fun of an amusement park. Party rental companies, like AirFun Games in New Port Richey, provide the opportunity to create your own amusement park with a vast variety of rentals.

Looking for some ideas? Here we will look at the two most popular amusement parks in the Tampa area and rentals you can get to create a similar experience, all taken from the AirFun Games site.

The Amusement Park Experience: Thrill Rides at Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens is the best-known of all the Tampa area amusement park experience. While it features a zoo where you can see everything from gorillas to giant snakes, it is best known for thrill rides. Those include roller coasters Falcon’s Fury, Cheetah Hunt, SheiKra, Montu and Kumba.

The park also features water-related rides such as the Congo River Rapids and Stanley Falls. There’s a train that encircles the entire park, a Skyride that crosses over the park and classic attractions such as the carousel and bumper cars.

With rentals, you can provide plenty of thrills and the amusement park experience  in your own backyard. Here are a few of the best.

  • Sandstorm. This mechanical ride can fit up to 12 people who are turned and tilted as if in a storm. It has varying speed to accommodate both children and adults.
  • Wrecking Ball. Riders on the Wrecking Ball – which can fit up to 12 people at the time – sit in an open-air dish that is suspected from a giant pendulum. They get spun as well as sent in increasingly higher arcs into the sky.
  • In you want to have more interactive thrills, there are Extreme Rock Walls, some which are as high as 24 feet. Or the Wipeout, a game that involves four people standing on pedestals attempting to avoid a swinging arm that tries to knock them from their perch. It’s all inflatable, so no one gets hurt, but the thrills come from trying to avoid the arm that swing clockwise, counterclockwise and with varying speeds.
  • You can rent a trackless train to carry people around your party and an inflatable bumper cars attraction. You can also get a mobile zip line that’s like the Sky Ride, except more thrilling because your feet are dangling from 28 feet over the ground.

Adventure Island

This venerable water park has long been a favorite for Tampa Bay residents and visitors. Highlights include a giant wave pool, lazy river and a number of different water slides that offer riders a variety of ways to have fun while getting wet.

Creating this sort of experience in your backyard has never been easier than it is today. Here are just a few of the water-themed attractions you can rent and set up in your own backyard.

  • Rampage Water Slide. This bad boy is one of the newest water slides and also one of the coolest. Shaped like a giant half-moon, the 21-foot high slide allows you to slide down one side and then, with a push from a water hose, propels you up the other side.
  • Mega Blue Crush Water Slide. This massive slide is 100 feet long – and 42 feet tall! You get the picture. You are able to careen down the high ramp and into a long slide. Perfect for bigger parties or events.
  • Space Shuttle Turbo Slide. This one is 36 feet tall and features a curving slide that propels riders down spiral turns at high speeds. Plus it just looks very cool.

As you can see, having the fun you can find at an amusement park is not that hard if you do the research and check out the offerings from party rentals. You’ll not only enjoy the rides, but the money you are saving.

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