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Make Your Fourth of July Party One to Remember

Plan your Fourth of July Party

The best Fourth of July parties always involve doing something outside – it’s hard to get that patriotic feeling without summer sunshine pouring down, burgers and hotdogs on the grill and, if you’re lucky, a pool or ocean nearby to jump into.

But that’s just the baseline for a good Fourth of July party. To really ratchet up your Fourth fun, you need to think about adding something different.

An increasingly popular option are bounce houses and other inflatables – the growing number of party rentals that are offered by specialized companies.

Party Options for the Fourth of July

There are a variety of choices now that allow you to pick the right party rental for the type of get-together you are hosting. Here are four great choices for Fourth of July Parties.

Carnival Games Rentals

If you’ve got kids, the carnival games are a perfect way to make their Fourth of July memorable. What kid doesn’t want a machine that makes popcorn, cotton candy or snow cones? Or what adult, for that matter? And for grown-ups who want a little area of their own, there are also tropical bar and drink machines you can rent.

Want games? You can turn your backyard into a mini-midway if you want. Choices include dunk tanks, striker challenges, pick-a-pop and Plinko.

These games can make your event a top notch challenge, keeping everyone engaged and happy throughout the day. You can even set up prizes for the little ones to make it more fun.

Fourth of July Party: Bounce Houses

If you have little ones, nothing is going to go over better than a bounce house. Gone are the days where every bounce house was basically the same – now you can pick and choose from a variety of houses depending on what the kids like. For example, AirFun Games in Tampa Bay offers bounce houses designed along these themes: undersea adventure, tunnel and slide combo, SpongeBob, Spider-Man, pirates, monster trucks, Jurassic dinosaurs and Disney princesses – just to name a few.

Water Slides with Unique Designs

In all likelihood, it’s going to be hot for your Fourth of July party. What better way to beat the heat than a water slide?

Choices have multiplied as inflatable designs have become more complex. For example, there are slide designs such as dinosaurs, space shuttle and alligators (in which you actually slide inside the alligator). You can get double slides, tunnel slides and slides that are as high as 20 feet. For those who want the biggest thrill, there’s the Big Kahuna, which is 35 feet long, 18 feet high and 11 feet wide. That will handle any big Fourth of July party crowd!

Thrill Ride Options for Your Party

Specialty companies such as AirFun Games now offer rides that in some cases combine inflatable attractions with machines. For example: the Bumper Cars rental, in which party goers drive battery-charged two-seat cars around an inflatable arena.

Other choices include: the Vertical Rush Obstacle Courses (which rises 25 feet into the air); Spider Mountain (which consists of climbing webbing); Velcro Wall rentals; Interactive Twister rentals; and the inflatable Gladiator Joust, in which contestants don pads to safely battle one another using batons.

That’s just a sampling of the choices. Whichever choice you make, inflatable party rentals can turn your Fourth of July party into one of the most memorable events of the summer.

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