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Provide Some Corporate Party Thrill Rides At Your Next Event

By May 18, 2022October 5th, 2022Party Rental Resources
Provide Some Corporate Party Thrill Rides At Your Next Event

Not long ago, employees dreaded attending corporate parties where the main form of entertainment involved standing around (or sitting around) and talking. Today, entertainment rental companies offer much more exciting alternatives, including providing corporate party thrill rides.

Whether you think your employees will go for a zip line ride or bucking on a mechanical bull, party planners today have plenty of exciting options to choose from. That’s a good thing, because when done right, company parties offer employers a chance to show how much they appreciate the people who work for them day in and day out.

Perks like great company parties also help a business retain their best, most talented employees.

Thrill Ride Ideas For Your Company Party

You can’t go wrong with any of the choices below. It all comes down to what you think your employees will enjoy the most. The idea is to provide a centerpiece attraction that everyone will want to try (or at least watch someone else try).

Rock Wall Climbing Adventure

How high can you go? That’s a question your guests can answer if you offer them a chance to scale a rock wall rental. Soaring 24 feet into the air, the rock walk is a safe, fun way for people to test their skills. It comes with easy, medium and hard routes, so you don’t have to be a veteran climber to give it a try.

Criss Cross Collision Course

As the name implies, people who try the Criss Cross Collision Course are likely going to run into someone else. But it’s all good, because they will be inside a giant, plastic, rolling ball on a track. Known as the Human Hamster Ball, this attraction gives people the chance to race each other in a remarkably interesting way.


Yes, THAT Wipeout. This attraction remains one of the most popular for party planners who want to inject some excitement into their event. As with the game people have seen on television, players must stand on a pillar in an inflatable arena and avoid getting swept off their perch by a swinging arm. Soft surfaces are everywhere, keeping the attraction safe. But it provides a tough and incredibly fun challenge.

Mobile Zip Line

This one gives your employees the chance to climb up to the top of a three-story tower, then ride (safely) along a zip line that runs for 174 feet before depositing the rider gently to the ground. It’s a fun, safe and photo-worthy corporate party thrill ride.

Obstacle Courses

So many obstacle courses to choose from! Each provides its own unique challenges and allows everyone to race individually or in teams (the accounting vs. marketing showdown can finally happen!). There are many different options available, all listed along with the other thrill rides.

Mechanical Bull Ride

Everyone likes a challenge, and the mechanical bull provides a formidable one. It also brings out everyone’s inner cowboy (or cowgirl), which in itself is fun for everyone to see. The settings on the mechanical bull allows you to adjust speed based on the rider’s skill level. The object is to climb aboard and ride as long as you can, just like at the rodeo. But unlike the rodeo, when people fall off, they land on the safe, soft surface of an inflatable arena.

Consider these choices if you want to add some corporate party thrill rides for your next big event. It will give employees something to do at the party and something to talk about long after it is over.

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