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5 Water Slides For a Summer Event in Tampa Bay (Plus One For Kids!)

5 Water Slides For a Summer Event in Tampa Bay (Plus One For Kids!)

It’s not mandatory to have a water slide at a summer event in Tampa Bay, but it’s never a bad idea. Even before summer rolls around, there’s enough heat in Florida to make a water slide a welcome addition to a company party, summer event or church fundraiser.

Throwing a summer event in Tampa Bay is unlike throwing a party anywhere else. Shorts and flip flops are standard wherever you go – people are dressed for summer fun pretty much all year around. People in Florida also have come to expect better entertainment attractions than they get anywhere else. Water slides certainly fit into that category.

Water Slide Rental Options in Tampa Bay

From its company headquarters in New Port Richey, Air Fun Games offers a wide variety of water slide options for big events, including corporate and company parties. Before making a decision, you might want to check out how to rent a water slide, including some of the factors to take into consideration when making a choice.

Some of the most popular options include the slides listed below. All these slides give people the opportunity to cool off in the hot water while also having a ton of fun.

Rampage Water Slide

The unique design on the Rampage Water Slide allows you to slide in one direction, then reverse and do it in another direction, propelled by the slick surface created with a water hose. It’s a bit like having two water slides in one.

Tropical Slip and Splash Combo

This one offers 66 feet of dual-lane slides that allow people to race. The design features palm trees and bright blue paint – it’s as eye-catching as it is fun to slide on.

Mega Blue Crush Water Slide

This one is simply massive. It will certainly attract guests to wherever you place it, because people will not believe what they are seeing. Standing at 42 feet tall, the Mega Blue Crush Water Slide features two lanes that allow people to race along a 100-foot inflatable track.

Flipper Dipper Water Slide

This one has a beautiful design, with two leaping dolphins on either side of this 18-foot tall inflatable. The Flipper Dipper Water Slide works with or without water, but for hot summer days in Florida, going with water will provide everyone a great way to cool off. This water slide not only is a great ride, but a perfect backdrop for a photo op at your event.

Double Lane Kahuna

Another double-lane water slide that can up the fun factor by giving people at your event a chance to engage in some friendly competition and race to the bottom (or for two friends to do the ride together). The Double Lane Kahuna is another water slide that offers an engaging design as well as 35 feet of wet, wild sliding fun!

Gator Hide and Slide

This one is a must if your event is expected to attract kids. The Gator Hide and Slide three-in-one entertainment rental features a slide (that works without water), bounce house and a safe climbing challenge for kids. It’s all part of a slide designed to look like a giant alligator. It’s the most Florida slide ever.

Any of these choices can turn your summer event in Tampa Bay into something extra special and more memorable for everyone who attends!

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