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How to Rent a Rock Wall

By January 27, 2015October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
Learn how to rent a rock wall

There’s no point trying to decide if a rock wall is a good idea for a party because of course a rock wall is a good idea for a party. The idea of climbing things is coded right there into our DNA – just watch a toddler once they learn to walk. They want to climb everything.

And as rock walls have shown, that need to climb higher never really leaves us in adulthood.

You might think renting a rock wall is complicated but it is not. All you need to know is where to look and what to expect. Let’s dive into how to rent a rock wall together.

Renting Portable Rock Walls

If you decide you want a company to bring a rock wall to you, then there are a few things to keep in mind.

Determine who will climb. Not all rock walls are made the same – they vary in height, width and difficulty – so you will want to know ahead of time who will be climbing. A different rock wall may be needed for a group of preteens as opposed to people at a corporate team-building party. A very young group of rock wall climbers may require bungee cords.

Find a place to put the rock wall. You will need an outdoor area that is level and has plenty of room, particularly in height. Most parks and backyards will do. If you have a large party, you might want to rent multiple walls. As walls vary in size, be sure to get the exact dimensions of the wall from the company.

Find who offers portable rock walls. You can try a web search in your area for “rock walls for rent” – for example one in Tampa Bay will turn up AirFun Games in New Port Richey, which offers rock walls along with inflatables like a jousting arena or obstacle course.

With some rental companies, be prepared for possibly paying a deposit, as many rock wall rental companies like deposits in case of damage to the wall. Make sure to check rates for weekends vs. weekdays and also find out what time limits the company has (some require at least a two-hour rental).

Safety. Make sure everyone who attends the party wears the proper clothing, which typical would include closed-toed climbing shoes and pants. The company should make available all the equipment you need to safely use the rock wall, as well as experienced staff who can help with the climbs.

Renting a Rock Wall at a Facility

While some of the above applies to renting an existing rock wall inside a facility, there are other issues to keep in mind.

Rent early. Two or three months ahead of time is recommended, as these places often have a high demand and need advance notice on bookings. Know the size of your group and how long you will want to rent the facility before calling.

Safety classes. Some facilities will want you and members of your group to take a safety class on how to properly use a rock wall before using one. This is also something you should do on your own with small children, even if you rent a portable rock wall.

Keep these tips in mind as you prepare for your adventurous party. If you keep safety in mind and know exactly what you need and how it will be used, your rock wall rental experience should go well.

Oh, and if your rock wall party is outdoors, remember to always check the weather! Rock wall climbing is not going to get done in the rain.

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