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Water Slides: The Perfect Addition to Your Child’s Birthday Party

By April 18, 2017October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
Water Slide Birthday

It’s already April, and the hot days are starting to become more common across Florida. That’s something to keep in mind if you have a birthday party to plan between now and, say, October.

The Florida summer lasts long. But one way to beat the heat at a birthday party is just one decision away: water slides.

Most kids who grow up in the Sunshine State know water slides like kids in Wisconsin know snow. There are numerous water parks all across the state that offer the chance to ride a wide variety of slides.

But now, thanks to party rental companies like Air Fun Games in New Port Richey, you can provide the same entertainment in your own backyard with inflatable water slides.

The options range from the simple slides for the little ones to more massive slides perfect for teens (and adults who want to join the fun). The following choices from Air Fun games offer you the chance to make your child’s birthday party one they will remember forever.

Put The Water Slide Thrill In Your Birthday Party

The following slides are some of the biggest and wildest available. They are not the faint of heart, but perfect for the parents who want to give their kids and their friends a thrill at the big birthday party.

Rampage Water Slide

So, just the name tells you what you are getting here. The Rampage slide stands 21 feet high and has a special, new design that allows riders to both go down a slide…and then back up! The unique, half-moon design allows riders to go down a big slide and then, with the aid of a water hose that applies pressure and makes the surface slick, they can go back up the other side. The “up slide” has a curl that flips you back to the bottom. Not a slide anyone is ever likely to forget.

Mega Blue Crush Water Slide

This one challenges even the best water slides at your local water park. First, it’s massive, standing 42 feet tall. Second, it provides a very long slide, reaching a total of 100 feet in length. Riders will need that as they barrel down the sharp slope at high speeds. Multiple lanes allow the competitive kids to race each other to the bottom.

Space Shuttle Turbo Slide

First off, this thing just looks cool. It also offers a banked slide that curls around the 36-foot tall structure, giving riders plenty of speed as this hurl down to the bottom. Perfect for the space exploration-loving kid in your house (and who doesn’t have one of those?).

Hurricane Water Slide

Again, the name says it all. This is one of the biggest water slides available in Florida. Users climb to the top of the huge slide, then fly around a 360-degree turn and into a straightaway through a tunnel. Then there’s another curve, another tunnel and finally the landing zone. Then, most people are going to get up and climb back to the top to do it again!

For The Little Kids

The smaller kids probably aren’t going to be as interested in tall slides, 360-degree turns and high speeds (or maybe it’s more accurate to say parents won’t want that for them!).

Choices for the smaller kids include:

  • 16-Foot Splash Water Slide. Perfect for smaller backyards or compact spaces
  • Little Wave Water Slide. Perfect for kids, this one has a 16-foot slide with high inflatable walls and a soft landing.
  • T-Rex Dinosaur Slide. The design is awesome, and it will please both water slide lovers and dinosaur fans. In another words, just about every kid on the planet.

These represent just some of the choices you have to rent an inflatable water slide for your next party. Take the time to browse what’s available and find the water slide that’s perfect for your needs.

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