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It’s Baseball Season! Here Are Some Party Ideas to Please the Sports Lover In Your House

By May 1, 2017October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
Baseball Season Party Ideas

With the boys of summer back on the baseball diamond, it’s time to consider a baseball and sports-themed party for the little athlete in your family.

Or maybe even the big one. Thanks to party rental companies such as Air Fun Games of New Port Richey, a wide variety of sports-themed entertainment is available for party guests of all ages.

Baseball Season Party Ideas

Consider some of the following choices to make your party one that everyone will remember for years to come.

Inflatable Speed Pitch Game

Just how challenging is it to throw an accurate pitch? Very, very challenging. But that’s the fun of the Inflatable Speed Pitch Game, which allows party goers to test their baseball throwing skills, trying to hit the strike zone against a batter. This inflatable is small enough to fit into a backyard party, but challenging enough to keep everyone entertained.

Inflatable T-Ball Game

This one is perfect for the little baseball fan. Just like a regular T-ball game, the ball is set on a pedestal to give kids a better chance to hit it and see where it lands on the inflatable background. It’s a perfect addition to a small child’s party or a school carnival.

World Sport Game Rental

Can’t settle just on baseball or any one sport? This rental is perfect for party guests who have a lot of different favorite sports. The game features challenges in baseball, basketball, Frisbee, darts and football. Kids can test their accuracy with a ball in a wide variety of sports.

Glow Golf & Glow Mini Golf

Just like the name implies, this is the perfect rental for those who want to hold a golf-themed part at night. Players enter a Glow Dome, and inside everything is neon-lit and a lot of fun to play. There are five holes that come in three different shapes. Perfect for the mini-golf enthusiast.

Full Court Press

If basketball is your thing, then this is another excellent rental. This shooting game asks a player to sink all the basketballs on his side of the inflatable court before the opposing player, and then make baskets with all the balls that have come over from the opponent’s side. It’s a challenge and also tons of fun for basketball enthusiasts.

Inflatable Boxing Ring

Yes, that’s right – you can hold a safe, fun boxing match in your own backyard. Players uses giant boxing gloves and wear safety helmets to avoid injuries – and of course the entire match is held in a soft, inflatable ring. It’s the perfect challenge for those who want to go toe-to-toe.

Those are just some of the great choices for a baseball or sports-themed party at your house or for church or school carnival. They provide the sort of fun that will elevate your party to something truly special.

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