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Amusement Park Rides For Your Backyard

By May 20, 2017October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
Backyard Amusement Park Rides

Trips to the amusement park are fun, but they also can get a touch pricey especially if you are bringing a large number of people to the park.

There’s the lines, the heat and the crowds. That’s especially true in the summer time, when people from all over the world descend on Florida for vacation.

What’s a Floridian to do? Take advantage of the state’s many party rental options. Thanks to companies such as Air Fun Games in New Port Richey, the options are varied and interesting.

Amusement Park Rides for Your Backyard

The following represent just a few of the many choices you have to put amusement park rides right in your own backyard, or at your next neighborhood or company party.

Sand Storm

Up to 12 people can fit into this ride, which spins riders around while also rocking them back and forth on a slope. The ride comes with various settings for speed that make the ride good for younger kids, their older siblings and even their parents.

Wrecking Ball Amusement Park Rides

This new ride features an open-seated dish that suspends from pendulum that rises 18 feet into the air. Riders are spun around while also swinging back and forth higher and higher into the sky. This one is something your guests will not forget. This one also can hold up to 12 people.

Bumper Cars

Bumper cars are an oldie but a goodie for fairs and amusement parks. They remain so popular that even Busch Gardens in Tampa continues to have one – and now you can have one at your party, too. This rental has battery-powered cars that can be driven around an inflatable arena, which can be used either indoors or outdoors (you just need a large enough flat surface). The cars have a remote to start and stop for added safety. They also come equipped with lights and music!

Mechanical Bull

OK, so maybe most amusement parks don’t have a mechanical bull, but they should. And so should your party. Guests who think it looks easy to ride this machine will think otherwise after a few seconds on the bull, which sits inside an inflatable arena that will cushion the inevitable falls. The ride can be run at different speeds depending on the skills of the rider.

Mobile Zip Line

Another ride featured at Busch Gardens and other amusement parks, this zip line takes riders along a 174-foot long ride about 30 feet in the air. It’s a special thrill and will add a taste of the amusement park to your own party.

These represent just some of the many, many options available – just look around the site! Find the entertainment that best suits your party plans, but if you want an amusement park in your own backyard, know that these days you can pull that off.

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