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It’s Time To Slip N’ Slide Into Summer

By June 1, 2017October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
Slip N' Slide Fun

With Memorial Day weekend officially behind us, the summer has arrived. And no summer is better built for fun than the ones in Florida.

When looking for the perfect entertainment for your next party, consider the variety of options available at party rentals companies like Air Fun Games in New Port Richey, where you can get everything from giant water slides to carnival games and thrill rides.

One category that simply screams summer are the slip n’ slides. They’ve come a long, long way since the ones parents enjoyed when they were kids.

Back then, you had a length of inflatable slide and a garden hose to keep the water running over it, making it slick to slide on. Fun? Sure. But very last century.

Read on to see some of the choices you have these days for slip n’ slide fun.

Finding Nemo Surf and Slide

So here’s a perfect example of how far things have come. This 34-foot long slide is partially enclosed with a tunnel that depicts the famous Disney character and his friends (yes, that includes Dory). The enclosure keeps the slide nice and cool in the Florida heat. Just like the old days, you get a running start and slide into the long tunnel – it’s just faster (and safer) than ever before.

Slip and Slide Combo

This 18-foot slide has a short incline that leads into a long slide. The fun here is that there are two ways to climb up to the top of the slide: a ladder and rock wall. It’s fun, and also keeps the kids from forming long lines (who wants long lines outside of a water park?). The entire ride is inflatable, adding to the fun and also safety.

Tropical Slip and Splash Combo

Want to go big? Then this is the rental for you. The Tropical Slip and Splash Combo is a new slide that stands 27 feet tall. It features dual lanes to provide guests the chance to race. Riders roar down a slide and then into a long slip n’ slide lane. But that’s not the end – the lanes end in a splash pool.  This one is great for both the kids and the adults.

Water Slides

If you want to go even bigger with a giant water slide, there are plenty of choices. Here are just a few, taken from the water slides available at Air Fun Games.

Rampage Water Slide. So cool it has both a slide on the way down and then a curling ramp on the other end that sends you sliding back down.

Mega Blue Crush Water Slide. As awesome as the name implies, this slide is one of the biggest you can rent at 100 feet long.

Space Shuttle Turbo Ride. A long-time favorite, this slide is just great to look at before you even ride it, with an amazing space shuttle and rockets. The turbo slide whips riders around a curved slide down the 36-foot tall ride.

These represent just a sampling of the slip n’ slides and water slides you can rent for your next party. Things have come a long way from the garden hose and the short slip n’ slide parents enjoyed back in their childhood. Why not share the latest and greatest with your kids and party guests?

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