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How To: Creating the Best High School Graduation Party

How To: Creating the Best High School Graduation Party | Grad Party Tips

Planning a high school graduation party can get complicated. However, parents can make it easier on themselves and still create a great party by considering such ideas as an open house, changing the date to a holiday, combining parties with other graduates, and giving graduates unique gifts such as words of inspiration from party guests.

These ideas can help parents offer their kids a unique high school graduation party that sends them out into their adult life in the best way possible. Here’s a closer look at seven ideas that can improve your high school graduation celebration.

High School Graduation Party Open House

Graduation parties often occur around the same time, so people (especially fellow students) might get invited to several parties on the same day. One way around this is to have an open house party where the celebration rolls on throughout the day. This turns your high school graduation party into a drop-in event, giving guests a wide time frame to make it by your house.

Combine Graduation With a Holiday

This is worth considering especially if you have family and friends from out of town who are flying in for the celebration. Most graduations take place near Memorial Day weekend. If that is the case, consider changing the date of your party to that weekend. That makes it easier for those having to make travel arrangements to get to the celebration.

Combine Graduation Parties

One idea to share costs and party planning duties for a high school graduation party is to have one party for several graduates. The graduates will like it, too! They’ll get to celebrate graduation with friends, making it even more special. This also cuts down on the guest list overlap when two friends who are graduating hold individual parties.

Get a Bigger Graduation Party Space

If you plan on having a big celebration and offering a lot of entertainment, then you might want to consider moving the party from your backyard to another location. Good choices include the neighborhood park or even renting event space. That gives you more room to give the kids plenty of entertainment.

Words to Live By

Some people do this in a book. Others create a wall where they can put up contributions. The idea is to have space where party guests can write messages to graduates centered around advice for their life ahead. Or, guests may choose to share inspirational quotes.

Sharing Memories

This is something like the Words to Live By, but instead of offering advice or inspiration, guests write down one of their favorite memories with the graduate from years past. Make sure to include photos, too. This is something that the graduate might not fully appreciate until years down the road, but it’s a great gift to give them. Sometimes these are written down on sheets of paper and placed into a “memory jar.” Others use a special memory book.

Hand it Over to Professionals

You might also want to consider turning over the high school graduation party planning to professionals who work in the entertainment industry. Or you can consider hiring a chef or a catering company to plan the cooking, set up and cleanup of food.

These are some of the ideas that can make your high school graduation party that much better. Keep them mind as the big day gets closer!

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