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Can You Rent a Carnival Swing Ride?

Can You Rent a Carnival Swing Ride? | Cyclone Swing Rental

One of the first things that comes to mind when you think of a carnival is soaring through the air in a classic carnival swing ride. When the fair is not in town, you might feel bummed that you don’t get the chance to fly across the sky in a swing. But, good news!

You don’t have to wait for a carnival to enjoy the fun of a carnival swing. You can rent the Cyclone Swing and bring joy straight to your party or event. The best part? It’s easy as can be and even more fun than you remember!

Let’s go through some of the details of this attraction so you can learn all the reasons why you should rent a carnival swing ride.

How Many People Can a Carnival Swing Ride Accommodate?

The Cyclone Swing is a large attraction, with the capacity to accommodate up to 20 people at a time. It’s perfect for a party or event with your nearest and dearest or even a larger crowd!

How Big is a Carnival Swing Ride?

Carnival swings are big fun, so it’s not surprising that they’re also big in size! It is an impressive 20 feet tall with a diameter of 60 feet.

Does the Carnival Swing Come with Safety Features?

Yes, the carnival swing rental has unparalleled safety features. Every seat is equipped with a lap bar, seat belt and center leg strap. Its security allows for a worry-free ride for all guests. Safety is always top priority, so you can simply enjoy the ride!

Is the Carnival Swing for Children or Adults?

A carnival swing rental is perfect for children and adults alike! So, no matter what age your guests will be, this ride is sure to delight them.

Can the Carnival Swing be Customized?

Yes, carnival swing rides are able to be customized to make your party or event personalized to you. The dazzling lights on the attraction can be customized to meet your color scheme. You can even add personalized graphics to match your theme or branding!

What Sort of Events are Good for a Carnival Swing Ride?

No matter what kind of event you’re having, your guests will love a carnival swing ride. If you’re fundraising, this ride can help make your festival or fair a huge hit. If you’re having a party, your guests will never forget swinging through the air in glee.

Hotels can rent a carnival swing ride to help transform their courtyards into a wondrous attraction all its own. They are also perfect for corporate events. Imagine what a treat it will be for your employees to zip through the sky with their coworkers.

No matter what you are renting a carnival swing ride for, there is one thing you can be certain of:  You are going to have a memorable experience! Carnival swing attractions are visually stunning and super fun to ride. What are you waiting for? Rent one and see for yourself!