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Transforming Courtyards: Portable Carousels and Cyclone Swings

Transforming Courtyards: Portable Carousels and Cyclone Swings

Hotels and resorts have a ton to offer guests, but there is also a lot of competition in the vacation market. Your hotel’s courtyard is the perfect spot for a special piece of equipment to make your hotel stand out among the crowd: a portable carousel or cyclone swing!

What is a Portable Carousel?

A portable carousel is exactly what it sounds like a carousel that you can rent from a vendor and set up in your space for a temporary amount of time. There is no building required, just space, making it an ideal option to transform your resort’s courtyard for a special event.

Carousels create a magical atmosphere that can transport your courtyard from a lovely space to a wondrous one! Carousels are a classic for good reason! They are fun to ride, enchanting to see, and perfect for any age guest to enjoy.

What is a Cyclone Swing?

If you want your courtyard spectacle to include a dash of adventure, a cyclone swing is exactly what you need! With a 60-foot diameter and 20-foot height, this attraction is as eye-catching as they come.

It has all the safety features necessary to keep your guests secure as they glide through the air. And it really comes alive in the evening, with incredible lights that can be customized with graphics and colors to match your event. It will capture your guest’s imagination and give them a fun experience they won’t soon forget!

Events that can Benefit from Portable Carousels and Cyclone Swings

Renting a portable carousel or cyclone swing can bring an extra special edge to any event your hotel hosts in your courtyard.

Hosting a holiday extravaganza at your hotel? After pictures with Santa, kids would be delighted for the chance to go on a carousel ride.

Is your resort the destination for a class reunion? Guests can relive their school days as they mingle and relive their childhood as they zip through the sky on the cyclone swing. Reminiscing is extra enjoyable on a fun ride!

Even an upscale event can be made more memorable with an incredible attraction rental. Imagine how stunning wedding photos will look on a portable carousel! The bride and groom will never forget the magic of the moment, and their photographer will have portfolio-worthy photos to share.

Imagine the positive resort reviews that will come pouring in after a wedding reception that included a portable carousel! Every guest is sure to want a turn, and as they take selfies and videos for social media, your hotel will get a boost of attention that will likely lead to new customers for future events.

After all, who wouldn’t want to get married or throw an anniversary celebration complete with the joy a carousel brings? It’s just the thing to take an event from simply special to absolutely extraordinary!

So rent a portable carousel or cyclone swing and transform your hotel or resort courtyard into an experience your guests will treasure forever!