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Can You Rent a Carousel in Florida?

By February 4, 2023June 9th, 2023Party Rental Resources
Can You Rent a Carousel in Florida? | Portable Carousel FAQs

Yes, you can rent a carousel in Florida for your party or event! Portable carousels are a sure way to make your event magical and memorable. Chances are, you may not have experienced a party with a rental carousel yet. So you probably have some questions about how it all works.

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No worries! Here are some of the frequently asked questions about portable carousels so you can decide if it would work well for your future events.

Portable Carousel FAQ

These are the questions that come up the most when customers are interested in renting a portable carousel.

What sort of events can you use a portable carousel for?

Portable carousels are perfect for any occasion! They make birthday parties unforgettable and are perfect for family-friendly festivals. Fundraisers can raise a lot of money by charging ticket prices for a carousel ride. The sky’s the limit when it comes to carousel fun!

How many people can ride a portable carousel at one time?

It depends on the size of the carousel. Portable carousels tend to be smaller than the ones you’re used to from theme parks or carnivals. This means that the exact number of riders will vary depending on the specific model you rent.

Small portable carousels might allow up to 8 riders, while larger models could accommodate up to 16 riders.

Does the portable merry go round take a long time to set up?

No, it shouldn’t take too long to set up your portable carousel. Rental companies are experts in efficient set up and clean up, so the team will get your ride up and running with ease. And when the party’s over, they will get the ride packed up and out of the way.

Can a portable carousel be set up indoors?

Many portable carousels are able to be used indoors. Whether or not it will work for your event will depend on the size of your portable carousel and the size of the room your event takes place in.

Make sure to check out the size requirements of your portable carousel to see if it will work for your event space.

Are there height requirements for portable carousel rides?

Carousels are fun for kids of all ages! Little ones might need an adult to ride with them and stand alongside the carousel animal to help. The portable carousel will need to be able to hold adults if your party or event is going to include a very young audience.

Are there any special considerations to know about before renting?

Your rental company will be able to fill you in on all the details of your portable carousel rental. The benefit of renting means you don’t have to stress about the details, because the rental company has you covered.

The power source, any necessary permits and other details will be included when you rent your ride. Set up and take down is also part of the rental package. And team members from the rental company will be there to operate the ride, so you and your guests can just enjoy the experience!