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Axe Throwing for Kids

Axe Throwing for Kids | Safe Axe Throwing Rental for Parties

Gather your little adventurers, because, yes, there is safe axe throwing for kids that you can rent for your next party. Yes, you read that right!

Axe throwing has become a popular pastime among adults in social settings, and now kids can get in on the fun with a safe and age-appropriate version of their own. Here are the details you need to know about this fun activity.

Axe Throwing for Kids is a Safe Activity

Before we jump into fun ways to incorporate axe throwing for kids into your upcoming events, let’s put your mind at ease about how safe this activity is for your little ones. A child-friendly axe throwing activity does not use real axes with sharp metal blades, of course. The axes are designed to work for children, so they are made out of foam and shaped to look like the real thing.

The foam makes the axes the perfect weight for a child to throw at the target, making it easy for any age to enjoy. The material the axe is made out of also ensures that no one will get hurt while participating in the activity. It’s a win-win for parents and kids alike!

Party Themes Perfect for Axe Throwing

Whether it’s a child’s birthday or just a theme party for fun, axe throwing is the perfect activity to make your party extra enjoyable. Your party doesn’t have to include a theme to have axe throwing, of course, but themed parties can really amp up a celebration!

Here are some party themes that are ideal for including an axe throwing activity:

  • Viking or Warrior Party. Put out some Viking helmets or dress-up options and let the kids channel their inner warriors
  • Fairy Tale Party. So many fairy tales include an axe, making axe throwing a great fit for any enchanted forest party
  • Superhero Party. Axes are a popular weapons for superheroes, so let party goers save the world with this fun activity
  • Sports Party. Axe throwing is a fun sport, making it a wonderful addition to any party with a sports theme

Add Axe Throwing to Your Carnival or Fundraising Event

When you’re trying to raise money for a good cause with a carnival or fundraising event, including a bunch of fun activities can help make it easier to earn more. After all, who can resist a fun game with friends?

Carnivals are a mixture of food, games and rides, so axe throwing fits right in. Much like the classic game of throwing a baseball to knock over bottles, axe throwing is a game of skill that anyone can try.

To play, you stand in the designated spot and throw the foam axe at the target. Your goal is to hit the center of the bullseye! This game makes both kids and adults eager for another throw, so it can be a major attraction for a fundraiser.

You can also make the game your own, like by arranging an axe throwing tournament or providing prizes for anyone who gets a bullseye. The possibilities are endless!