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Interactive Games For Kids At Your Next Big Party

By January 23, 2018October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
Interactive Games For Kids At Your Next Big Party

The last thing anyone wants are kids standing around at party. Whether it’s a birthday, church social, school fair or neighborhood block party, the key is to give kids a lot to do like interactive games.

That’s where party rental companies such as Air Fun Games come in.

The New Port Richey-based company offers a wide variety of interactive games that elevate these parties from “this is fun” to “this is totally awesome.” And totally awesome is what you want to hear.

Consider some of these options, all taken from the Air Fun Games collection of interactive games & thrill ride options.

Interactive Games & Inflatables

The choices in this area are numerous and extremely cool. Also, experts in setup of these rentals work with you to ensure that everyone will enjoy the party safely.

One of the newer additions to the lineup is the Xtreme Adrenaline Rush, which your English teacher won’t approve of but the kids at a party will. It’s designed to provide plenty of obstacle course action in a compact space, meaning it will work even if your party is in a small backyard.

The Ultimate Obstacle Course is exactly what the name describes. It offers 110 feet of obstacle course fun, combining three different courses into one. This one has it all – tunnels, pop ups, rock wall climbs and slides. It also offers the opportunity to mix and match the separate pieces, making it possible to create the perfect course for your party.

The rock walls offered from Air Fun give kids a big challenge. But they also have different climbing faces that are built for various levels of experience, from beginning to expert.

Giant Slides

You can also choose from a variety of giant slides, always a party favorite. They include:

Space Shuttle Turbo Slide. This 38-foot tall slide is a giant replica of a space shuttle launch platform and the shuttle itself. It offers a slide that twists and turns as it swoops to the bottom.

T-Rex Dinosaur Slide. If it’s a party for younger kids, it’s hard to go wrong with dinosaurs. This one has a giant T-Rex and rises 18 feet into the air.

Dual Lane Slide. Want to race? This 20-foot high slides gives the kids a chance to take each other on as they plummet toward the bottom.

Try A Train

One of the most popular rentals for kids’ parties is the trackless train. They can ride over any type of surface, and they give parents a chance to take their kids on a ride they won’t soon forget.

There also are a host of games to inject even more interactive fun into the party, giving everyone a chance to compete for prizes or just the thrill of beating someone else at a cool game. You might want to throw in a popcorn or candy machine, too, just to make the event even more unique.

That’s just a taste of the fun adventures you can give your kids for their next party. Look around the site and explore your options, it’s hard to go wrong with the hundreds of choices available.

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