Ultimate Obstacle Course Rental Overview

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The Ultimate Obstacle Course challenge lives up to its name. With over 110 feet of pure adrenaline, it combines three different obstacle courses to make one huge inflatable experience. Going head to head, challengers start  with tunnels and pop-ups making their way to the second course. Then, faced with the Rock Climb and Slide, it’s all about speed. Now with a 25 foot climb up Vertical Rush you hope to have enough energy to make it to the top. Lastly, slide with all your speed for the win!

The Ultimate Obstacle Course rental offers bright colors and crowd pleasing but serious challenges. This course is also perfect for large high volume commercial events as it can handle many riders at once. This cuts down wait times and keeps your guests moving rather than stuck in a line. But don’t worry, backyards can call this inflatable home as well.

Don’t delay, these courses are highly popular and rent out often. Can you handle the Ultimate Obstacle Course challenge? Only one way to find out, rent yours today.

Length: 110′ | Width 13′ | Height 30′

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