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How Mini-Golf Evolved From A Scottish Ladies Club To Glow Golf

How Mini-Golf Evolved From A Scottish Ladies Club To Glow Golf

Those who enjoy playing golf know this is a huge understatement: it kind of becomes an obsession. That’s because at the heart of the game is the fact that it’s just plain fun. Kids get a taste of the fun at an early age by playing mini-golf. It’s so much fun that it has become a popular party rental, including the Glow Golf game from Air Fun Games (more of that below).

So how did mini-golf get so popular?

The Scottish Origins Of Glow Golf

Golf emerged from Scotland. So, it’s no surprise that mini-golf also came from Scotland at the Ladies’ Putting Club of St. Andrews in 1867. Women were interested in golf but not allowed to play back then because it was seen as, well, un-ladylike. So, an 18-hole course of nothing but putting greens was created for them to use.

After that, sources disagree on exactly what happened. But most agree it included the following.

  • In the June 1912 issue of The Illustrated London News, there’s a mention of a mini-golf course called the Gofstacle
  • In 1916, the Thistle Dhu (“this’ll do”) mini-golf course is created in Pinehurst, N.C. (a golfing mecca to this day)
  • In 1927, the Tom Thumb design for the mini-golf course is created
  • Mini-golf courses appeared all over the place, but the Depression closed many down
  • By the mid-century, courses had sprung up everywhere again. Most used synthetic materials for the “grass” and came with many obstacles such as windmills, moats and were decorated with outlandish characters.

The game also has gone by many different names, including Gofstacle, putt-putt, miniature golf, garden golf, pitch and putt, clock golf and par 3 golf. And in recent years, you can add Glow Golf to the list.

The Fun of Glow Golf

Glow Golf offers the chance for golfers to go into an enclosed space and play the mini-golf course in the dark with glowing courses and decorations. Why? Because why not if you can?

The Glow Golf rentals from Air Fun features glow putters, glow score sheets and glow golf balls, all inside a large tent that surrounds the course. And since it’s Florida, it’s also good to know that the Glow Dome comes with air conditioning.

As the history shows, people took to mini-golf right away, and Glow Golf is no exception. It will make your next party truly one to remember. Continue the tradition started more than 100 years ago in Scotland and try it out for yourself.

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  • Angel Bogart says:

    What is most interesting here is the fun of playing golf using glow-in-the-dark equipment. I never knew that such an innovative way to play golf has originated from Scotland in the 1800s. This is great because my son and I would like to try out golfing as bonding activity.

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