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Creating a Carnival Themed Party

By June 2, 2015October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
Creating a Carnival Themed Party

Of all the possible party themes, one of the favorites is a carnival. It allows you to plan a party that will appeal to the widest variety of people, providing fun for everyone.

With the vast array of party rentals now available, it is easy to create a carnival themed party that will work whether you are throwing a party associated with a school, town or neighborhood. The type and variety of carnival games you can offer has never been better.

Here are some ideas, based on the type of party you are throwing. Many of the items below are taken from rentals offered by AirFun Games of Tampa Bay, which has a large variety of inflatable rentals for both large and small parties.

Creating the Carnival Themed Party

For any of the parties in this article, you will want to start creating a carnival with tents, tables and chairs that can be used to house carnival games. Most tents come in bright, festive colors, adding to the carnival atmosphere. From there you will want to explore what type of event you are trying to create. Consider some of the options below to create an experience that your guests will truly enjoy.

Spin Art Machine

This is a great way for kids to create unique souvenirs from the party. They get to use the paint color of their choice, putting it on a card that is dropped into the machine and spins, creating fun patterns on the card. It’s a unique way for the kids to have something to remember the party by.

Food Machines & Concession Rentals

We’ve included this in the school party list because you will pay the price if you don’t consider food when planning a party for kids. However, these machines are also good for every party in which you are trying to create a carnival.

Popular food machine rentals at places such as AirFun Games include the cotton candy machine, snow cone machine (especially good for summer parties), popcorn machines (a must) and the tropical bar and drink machine (for the adult parties, obviously).

Football Challenge

Football is the most popular sport in America, pretty much guaranteeing that kids will line up to test their skills in this game. The game allows kids to test their ability to score on a replica gridiron. At a carnival themed party, you can use this challenge to award prizes, treats or just some friendly competition.

Neighborhood Parties

Planning a party for the neighbors can be easy with the wealth of carnival games available for rental. In addition to the items for kids listed above, consider these rentals to create a carnival atmosphere.

Dunk Tank

Nothing says carnival like a dunk tank – it’s basically an imperative to have one if you want to call your party a carnival. All you need is a good-natured person willing to get wet, some party goers with a decent aim, and a dunk tank. Most dunk tank rentals can be used indoors and outdoors and come with a seat suspended over a small tank and target for party goers to hit.

Tin Can Alley

Another classic carnival game. Tin Can Alley simply requires you to hit a stacked set of tin cans using a bean bag. It’s simple but not easy and requires skills and concentration – one of the reasons the game has been around for so long.

The Classic Bell Ringer

And yet another classic carnival game. This one requires users to use a “sledgehammer” to strike the base and send a piece of metal up a slide. If it reaches the top, it rings a bell. Depending on how challenging you want to make the bell ringer, you can get the 6-foot high or the 17-foot high versions. The classic bell ringer game is highly popular at almost any carnival.

The Town Party

All of the above will work for a town party, but with a carnival party this big, you need to have some larger games on hand to make the experience memorable. You can look around and find many inflatable games and experiences for rent. We suggest the following, keeping the carnival theme in mind.

Bounce Houses & Moonwalks

Remember the old “moon walk” bounce houses they would have at carnivals and fairs? You can recreate that experience for people at your carnival with a bounce house of your own. The choices are nothing short of amazing – AirFun Games alone has more than 18 choices. For a big party you might want to consider the Atlantis Combo Bounce House, which adds a slide onto a large bounce house.

Water Slide

Speaking of slides, a water slide can add a lot of fun to a carnival, particularly one in the summer time. Again, the choices are numerous. For a big town carnival you might want to consider the Rampage Water Slide or the Space Shuttle Turbo Slide for a dry option. Or, if you want to truly “go big,” check out the Big Kahuna water slide, which is 35 feet in length and 18 feet high.

Thrill Rides & Carnival Attractions

No carnival is complete without a thrill ride or two. Luckily, party rentals allow you the chance to provide guests at your carnival the same experience. The list of possible rentals is long, but you might consider those that are the most like carnival rides, including the Wrecking Ball or Sand Storm rides. And, of course, the Bumper Cars are a carnival classic.

Whatever rentals you choose, you’ve got ample choices to create a carnival that will thrill and amuse your party goers. Make sure to search thoroughly for the party rentals that are right for you.

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