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Florida College Party Themes

By June 1, 2015October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
College Party Themes in Florida

So you’re planning a big party on a Florida college campus – maybe as part of a student organization or a fraternity – and you want to do something beyond the usual. Need some ideas on college party themes?

You know the usual: drink, food, socializing. That’s all well and good but what you need is something that ties the whole party together. What you need is a theme.

The good news you are in the right location for that sort of thing. The Sunshine State gives you all kinds of thematic possibilities, and you don’t have to break the bank to do it. In addition to some of the decorations listed below, there are party places that can provide food, entertainment and even interactive inflatables that can elevate your party.

Most of these college parties work best outdoors. Just remember, it’s Florida – check the weather forecast.

The Possibilities of College Party Themes

We will start at the obvious and move into the move esoteric. Remember that even the most commonplace theme will result in a memorable party if pulled off with the proper amount of style and panache.

College Beach Party

Half the battle here is not the decorations, but what people wear, which makes this a good choice if your budget it tight. If it isn’t, truck in some sand. Otherwise think about lighting (paper lanterns, tiki torches), seating arrangements (lounge chairs and beach towels) and music (Beach Boys, obviously, and any songs about surfing and surfers). People showing up in bikinis and board shorts will complete the atmosphere.

Cowboys and Indians

Hey, Florida had plenty of cowboys – don’t let Texas and other western states steal all the limelight. Florida also had one of the most famous Native American tribes: the Seminoles, who never technically surrendered in their long-running war with the United States. For decorations, you can consider hay bales and scattering around a few replica cow skulls. For the other side of the equation, it’s possible to rent a small teepee or at least have a replica one as well as an arrowhead or two.

Golfing Party Theme

Golfing is huge in Florida. The ideal weather has led to the creation of many memorable courses across the state and not a few people obsessed with playing the game – something that often starts in college. Guys can break out the plaid pants and golf visors (or those cool golf hats), while the girls will reach for skirts and polo shirts. For decorations, lay down some astro turf and plant a flag on it. In fact, make that your dance floor.

Hippies and Hipsters

While they are separated by about 50 years of history, hippies (from the 1960s) and hipsters (from right now) are both memorable for political views and style of dress. Decorating for this party has one rule: make sure to leave anything popular or mainstream out. Other than the peace symbol, you’ll want to use posters for indie bands and ‘60s garage rock bands that you likely never heard of (hopefully you have some actual hippie or hipster friends to help out here). Same thing with the music.

Pirates Themes Parties

Nothing says Florida like pirates, since it’s one of the few places in the United States that actually had a few. Pirate college party themes call for paper lanterns, a few Jolly Roger pirate flags and a treasure chest or two. Some fake plastic palm trees wouldn’t hurt, either. Obviously any sailing ship replicas you might have would work as well. Eye patches, big white shirts and plastic swords will take care of the rest.

Sports College Party Themes

This is impossible to contain in one entry, because it all depends on what sport you want to build your party around and, of course, which college you are attending. On that last point you’ve got Gators, Seminoles, Hurricanes and USF Bulls – to name just a few. Once you get the sport picked, you’ll want to set up your party to resemble the field or court on which the game is played (one idea: do a baseball diamond and have different food and drink at each base).

Whatever theme you choose, if you bring the right kind of attention to detail – not to mention fun and enthusiasm – your party should be a hit. Just make sure to check the weather forecast.

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