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Boosting Team Spirit: Competitive Games and Inflatables for Corporate Events

team spirit

Corporate events are meant to be fun, engaging and help bring your team closer. Since most teams spend their work hours in meetings and working on projects, they will be thrilled for the chance to spend the day outside, enjoying the sunshine as they have a blast playing games together on inflatables.

When you want to plan a corporate event that your team will love, a day of competitive games with inflatables is the perfect choice. Here are some easy steps for how to boost team spirit by planning  the best corporate event ever:

Create Your Teams

First, pick your teams. You can have different departments compete against each other or mix it up and have people work with team members they don’t typically work with. If you have a smaller company or team, you can consider allowing your team members to bring their families along for the fun! One of the perks of inflatable obstacle courses is that they are kid-friendly and can be enjoyed by all ages.

Decide Your Scoring System

Before the fun competition begins, decide how you want to run the races. It can be head to head battles or you can opt to use a stopwatch and have the fastest time win. Each challenge at your corporate event can have its own winner or you can award points to first, second and third places of each event and tally up the totals at the end. If there are prizes on the line, let the competitors know before starting. Nothing motivates the group quite like knowing there’s a prize at the end!

Demonstrate the Obstacle Courses

Technically, this step is optional because all of the inflatable obstacle courses are easy to use. But if you want to set a great tone for the day, have the leadership team demonstrate how to do each of the inflatable games before the competition begins. A good leader sets an example for the team, so watching a supervisor bouncing around and having a blast will get the entire team hyped up and ready to run their own races!

Take Photos Along the Way

Watching your boss climb 25 feet in the air on the Vertical Rush is something you won’t soon forget, but taking a photo will ensure the memory will last forever! If it’s in the budget, you may consider hiring a photographer for your event.

Even without a professional photographer, encourage your team to snap pictures with their phones. You might even use a personalized hashtag for the event.

Have the Best Time

Team building doesn’t have to happen in the boardroom! Plan an event that will bond your team together with laughter, camaraderie and unfiltered joy when you rent inflatable obstacle courses.

Not only will everyone have an amazing time, but it will also help loosen the team up to embrace their inner children. An experience like this can help increase creativity, reduce stress and bring team bonding to an all-time high. Have fun!